Nexus 5596 QoS for Cisco Phones

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I am deploying a pair of Nexus 5596's with 3750 POE switches in the closets.  I'm looking for a best practice as how to configure the Nexus 5596 to support proper QoS for EF at the core. 

If there is a good doc on how to explain this, that would be great.  All the docs I find are just the command reference and not how it needs to be confgiured in this senario.


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Oleksandr Nesterov Fri, 02/24/2012 - 11:16
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I'd suggest you to read config guide first - to understand principles of QOS on n5k platform - since it differs from other devices.

Here is the giude:

And then you can read practical example, which may be heplful in your case:



Hello, thanks for the reply, those article were very helpful.

I've come up with a configuration on my core 5548's so that it should prioritze voice traffic / EF on every port and give voice 30% of the bandwidth.  This policy is to ensure that any voice traffice traversing from the access layer 3750's through the Nexus will always be priortized.

class-map type qos match-any VOICE
  match dscp 46
  match cos 5

class-map type queuing QUEUING-COS5
  match qos-group 5

policy-map type qos VOICE-IN
  class VOICE
    set qos-group 5
  class class-default
    set qos-group 0

policy-map type queuing QUEUING-GLOBAL
  class type queuing QUEUING-COS5
    bandwidth percent 30
  class type queuing class-fcoe
    bandwidth percent 0
  class type queuing class-default
    bandwidth percent 70

system qos
  service-policy type qos input VOICE-IN
  service-policy type queuing output QUEUING-GLOBAL

Would you change anything?  Thanks for the help. 

Oleksandr Nesterov Tue, 02/28/2012 - 08:23
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It hink they're quite good.

Matching traffic -> sending to qos-group -> applying queuing policy on exit.

you can easily modify them according to your network needs.



On last question, how do I enable qos statistics for a policy map?  I have enabled it globally.  Thanks:

NEX1# show policy-map interface e1/1

Global statistics status :   enabled


  Service-policy (qos) input:   VOICE-IN
   policy statistics status:   disabled

    Class-map (qos):   VOICE (match-any)
      Match: dscp 46
      Match: cos 5
      set qos-group 5

    Class-map (qos):   class-default (match-any)
      Match: any
      set qos-group 0

Oleksandr Nesterov Tue, 02/28/2012 - 08:57
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Use "show queuing interface eth x/y" instead.

"show policy map interface ..." is not supported in the current nx-os releases.




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