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Feb 29th, 2012


I hope this is the right place to post and if not, please forward to the right place.

I have 4 PCs on the network that I connect to a SRW224G4 switch (which goes to a router followed by a DSL modem). All PCs were doing just great untill employees suddently lost access to the Internet. When I looked at their IPs, I noticed they were using 169.254.x.x instead of 192.168.2.x (something changed them).  I checked the switch and the IP for the switch were correct (still showing the switch using - When I disconnect the switch from the router and plugged the 4 PCs into the router, the PCs show the right IPs (192.168.2.x) and were able to surf the Internet again.  Plugging them back into the switch - the PCs assume the wrong IPs of 169.254.x.x and fail to get to the Internet.

I did a factory reset to the switch. When I log into the 'switch' it shows when I connect the PC back to the switch - then the switch back to router (whose IP is, the PCs return to 169.254.x.x. Where is the 169.254.x.x coming from?

The hardware version is 00.03.00

The Boot version is 1.0.2

The Firmware is 1.2.1B



I have this problem too.
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smugas1975 Wed, 02/29/2012 - 14:55

If computer has DHCP set and no DHCP server detected then is using stateless autoconfiguration to set IP addres, any

free adress from network. More details:

This means that computers can't reach dhcp server - check cables.

BTW, switch address after factory reset was  ?

routerboy309 Thu, 03/01/2012 - 11:04


Correct - no DHCP server. So I'm guessing from your reply I should go static since I don't have a DHCP server and this will keep the switch and PCs from getting out of "sync".

<<< BTW, switch address after factory reset was ?>>>

Sorry. After factory reset, I programmed (changed) the switch to use from the default IP that was set. But even if the switch had the IP of, the PCs still rolled over to using 169.254.x.x.. Again, sounds like the mthod ot ensure this doesn't happen again, I need to static everything.

BTW: Do you know if the switch will support IE9 to program if the illegal characters (*, ?, etc...) are elminated?


rmanthey Thu, 03/01/2012 - 12:25

Hello Jim,

Sounds like the router is not communicating with the switch. If you log into the switch can you use the ping utility and ping the router or ping a outside IP address? If not you may have to setup a default gateway on the switch. If that dosn't help check the cable  connection between the switch and the router. If that still dosn't help change the auto negotiation of the port to 100 full and test.

If you can ping then the only thing stopping DHCP from reaching the client is possible storm control but I would doubt that because the default is 10% of the total port bandwidth. The likley hood that your topology is broadcasting 10Mbps on all the client ports is very slim.

Hope this helps.

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Randy Manthey

CCNA, CCNA - Security


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