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Mar 1st, 2012

Hello everyone,

  I am working on moving one of my subscribers (7.1.3) to a remote office but I have a question before I proceed to change the IP address. Talking to a cisco partner, they recommended to create a new Vlan (e.g onsite and make the IP change right there assigning a 192.168.30.X IP to the server. Once I was done, shut down the Vlan and move the server to the remote location. Turn on the Vlan ( at the new location and adjust it accordingly. Everything should be able to work with no problems. Let me mention that Phones and GWs will be in a different Vlan

  They stated that if I needed to move the server to another location in the future I just had to turn off the vlan, move the server and turn it back on in the new building and everything should be good to go.

  I would like to hear some suggestion because based on Cisco documentation, you should have your CCM, Phones and GWs in the same Vlan preferably.

Thanks RG

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Chris Deren Thu, 03/01/2012 - 11:44

I don't like this idea as you are basically building a subnet you will not be able to summarize on your WAN links.  I like IP addressing approach where all IPs are consistent across your LANs, for example if siteA uses and site B uses, then I can break them down such that my individual VLANs are,, etc and easily summarize my routes as site A.  Whoever is proposing this to you has probably very limited R&S experience and absolutely no understanding of efficient routing.

See the following doc for instructions on changing IP address on CUCM:



Rafael Garcia Fri, 03/02/2012 - 07:04

  Thanks for the feedback. I wanted to know what is that people are doing out there. I am a bit concernced about my Cisco partner because this is not the first time they had done some dumb stuff. I think it is time for me to shop around...


Chris Deren Fri, 03/02/2012 - 07:39

Perhaps to look for other more reliable partner.  There is plenty of good partners out there.

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