Query regarding CME Extension mobility configuration

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Apr 4th, 2012
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Hi team,

From what I have read in the "voice user-profile" configuration we give number <dn> type <ring-type>. The dn here is the extension number. My doubt here is if different ephone-dns have the same number, how can we distinguish them.

Multiple ephone-dn can have same number. "user profile" configuration is asking for only the number. How can we tell which ephone-dn it belongs to. Basically, if we want to use the call hunt feature (using preference and huntstop commands), where same number will be used by different ephone-dns and differerent ephone-dns with same number should be assigned to users so that the call rings on 1 user phone after the other (instead of all phones at same time which happens if all numbers belong to same ephone-dn), how can I achive with user-profile/extension mobility configuration.



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swati-singh Thu, 04/05/2012 - 03:45
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Could you please help me here. Please let me know if the question is not clear.



anchoudh Thu, 04/05/2012 - 08:14
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Hi Swati,

If you run the Show run command it will display the eintire congif on the CME.

ephone x is mapped to specific MAC ids of the phones and also with specific buttons, and than later on you will map the ephone-dn x to a specific number (Directory Number).

As shown below.

c3825(config) #ephone 1

      c3825(config-ephone) #mac-address 000D.BDB7.AE4A

      c3825(config-ephone) #type 7960

      c3825(config-ephone) #button 1:1

      c3825(config-ephone) #exit

      c3825(config) #ephone-dn 1

      c3825(config-ephone-dn) #dual-line

      c3825(config-ephone-dn) #number 2222 1

      c3825(config-ephone-dn) #allow watch

      c3825(config-ephone-dn) #exit

You need to do a reverse check here. From Number to ephone-dn and than to button and than to phone MAC.

Hope it helps.


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swati-singh Fri, 04/06/2012 - 23:11
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>>From Number to ephone-dn and than to button and than to phone MAC.

Hi Anand,

But, my question is: When the same Number is used by multiple ephone-dns, to which ephone-dn should I map the number?

I am asking about the Extension mobility configuration:

voice user-profile 4

user addepall password 1234

number 50004 type normal

and both ephone-dn 111 ans 112 use the same number

ephone-dn  111  octo-line

number 50004

ephone-dn-template 1



ephone-dn  112  octo-line

number 50004

ephone-dn-template 1

How should I mention in the user-profile configuration that the number 50004 is dn 111 and not 112? In extension mobility, phones/mac addresses will not have any button configuration. Users should login to their profile to get their buttons.




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