VSOM 6.3 Image Distortion Problems

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I have VSOM 6.3.0 with Cisco IP Cameras 2500 wired. In some cameras I have problems during the recording, in this cameras I have image distortion and image pixeling,

This is a example of the distortioned image in the Operator Console.

imagen distorsionada.jpg

imagen distorsionada2.jpg

But when I see in the image directly in the camera we see correct images.

imagen en camara.jpg

The same is in the preview of the vsom.

imagen en vsom.jpg

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Scott Olsen Tue, 04/24/2012 - 06:16
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Does this happen only on one specific type of operator workstation?

Have you validated it's performance using the profiler tool?

When you say "In some cameras I have problems during the recording"... does the recorded image eventually correct itself?

Have you been able to view the video feed via the cameras own UI at the same time when the VSOM feed is exhibiting this behaviour?

mcwalter Thu, 04/26/2012 - 08:59
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I agree with Scott. What type of graphics card is on the viewing station PC? The profile tool is helpful in benchmarking a PCs ability to view feeds in VSOM. I have seen similar issues on end-user PC's that are far enough below Cisco's PC requirements.


Thank you Scott and McWalter for your response.

This issue are in all operators workstations, in some moment I correct the problem deleting the recording archive and generating a new record archvie.

We have 22 cameras and have problems only with two, the cameras are the same 2500 with software image 2.4.

When I connect directly to the IP of the camera I see the correct image, in the same moment the recording archive of the VSOM are distorsioned.

We use this workstation with other cameras in the system without problem.

Sergey Muravjev Wed, 05/02/2012 - 23:07
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1. Have you excluded problems with the physical network?

2. What about link speed on server and camera?

3. Did you try to change the bit rate on camera or VSOM feed?


1) We checked the physical network, all work well.

2) The link speed on the camera is 100 mb/s and on the server is 1000 mb/s.

3) The bitrate between the camera and the VSOM feed are equal configured, and in the feed the image is OK only have problems with the recording image.

You recomend make some change?

mcwalter Thu, 05/03/2012 - 07:29
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I would try updating your video drivers and enable VMR on the VSOM settings page.


Windows XP Service Pack 3 32-bit
VMR: supported, DISABLED
Graphics card driver is 390 days old, and may be significantly out of date

Graphics Card Model & Specs:

Model: NVIDIA GeForce GT 240

Driver Version:

Driver Date: 04/08/2011

Graphics Card Model & Specs:

Model: NVIDIA GeForce GT 240

Driver Version:

Driver Date: 04/08/2011

Scott Olsen Thu, 05/03/2012 - 16:56
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I agree.  You should enable VMR if at all possible.  Your workstations will be taxed less, and you'll get additional video tool functionality.

If you want to further troubleshoot whether it's an archiving issue, or just a playback issue, have you tried exporting a section of affected video archive into an AVI clip?

Does it play back properly outside of VSOM in a player such as VLC?

RonaldCarlson Thu, 05/03/2012 - 17:52
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   You might try reducing the image display bitrate requirements for the client PC to a very low rate.  Such as 1 fps, single pane view.  Then increment the number of panes to 1x2, 2x2, etc until artifacts appear.  Then with a single pane increment the fps from 1 up to the point at which artifacts appear.  Then change the camera coding to MJPEG and retest.  If MJPEG works then one could experiment with primary / secondary variations.

   Might be more productive to down-rev the cameras to 2.1.7 and check the GUI camera setting options from the 2500 web GUI to insure that the two cameras that behave differently have identical settings.  Some settings remain unchanged during a firmware download.

   The artifacts look similar to addressing errors in accessing the image within the video card.  It's not random and also the repeating image layers aren't incrementing across the screen by powers of 2.  A firmware  addressing error might cause incorrect rendering based on the addressing structure, basically a binary address.  Another clue is that the errors are more horizontal than vertical, but exist in both x and y directions and not randomly.  It also looks like a partial section of the original image is rendered with high magnification as if the lower bits in the address are truncated and mid level are errored.  Yet the application frame and Windows frame are normal.  So the video card can interpret industry standard video streams ( the desktop image, etc.).

   Can you swap out the video card & firmware with a different brand?  Or update / down-rev the firmware to get a known stable firmware image into the video card? Might double check the firmware / OS / VSMS configs for rev levels – a single driver of the wrong rev could cause this data scrambling.

   The PC / Video card seems more than adequate for the processing in the above examples.

My guess is that the encoded video stream rendering is somehow partially incompatible with the VSMS codecs on the MSP or in the camera firmware.  The rendering is close but the API shows some sort of data handling / interpretation error in the image layers while the chroma values might be correct.

Keep us posted, interesting.

mohamednselim Tue, 12/31/2013 - 02:35
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Dear all,

Please I do have the same problem but also when I connect on the camera through web I still see distorted picture and changing in colors.

I updated the firmware and still the same problem, VSOM 6.3

Here is a sample I have 12 Camers with the same problem.

Scott Olsen Thu, 01/02/2014 - 11:39
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What model cameras, Mohamed?  Were they all 25XX or 26XX series?  Are they all roughly the same age?

This looks like actual imager chip failure (hardware) to me.  However, I am only guessing.

Best of luck.


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