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port list between CVP and ingress/vxml gateway

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Hello,all. We have a firewall between the CVP servers and ingress/vxml gateways. I've checked the port utilization guide and couldn't find much information about the port needs to be open in between besdies the following:

CVP call server->gateway: 5060

gateway ->VXML server: 7000 or 7443 for secure communication

gateway->media server: 80 to fetch media file

What else port needs to be open to transfer script/media files to the gateway? Is it using 80 and 443 for http/https? There's also the CLI telnet port default to 23. If we are using SSH do I have to enable secure communication in the gateway device config? I thought if I enable it then all other components will also have to use secure communication, correct?


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Kris Lambrechts Tue, 04/24/2012 - 14:55
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Are these ingress gateways or combo gateways ingress+vxml ?

Off the top of my head an ingress gateway needs :

1. 5060 SIP

2. RTP media ports

3. SSH / Telnet for OAMP depending on how you set it up

A VXML gateway needs the same ports and additionally :

1. 8000 for Call Server

2. 7000 for VXML Server if you use it

3. 80 for the mediaserver (IIS)

And unless you use i.e. ASR/TTS or other exotic setups, that should be about it I reckon.




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