Trap OID mismatch between send/receive - why?

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Apr 25th, 2012

I am using a trapgen tool with the following command to send a trap to TEO:

trapgen -f input.txt

input.txt file contains the sender's OID specified with a -o option. Now on to my question:

Regardless of the what the sender's OID is, the OID received by SNMP adaptor in TEO is different as seen in the log file. In my case, I am sending the following OID but am seeing the following OID in SNMP adaptor log file:

Question: Would like to understand why this OID mismatch between what is sent Vs what is received by TEO?



I have this problem too.
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Christopher Roberts Wed, 04/25/2012 - 18:56

Same post from the email I sent and posted otherplace.

Here is the email info as well...

My assumption is because of some other parameter in that tool. It is *forcing* it to be that. Maybe it’s the version or something in the variable bindings. I do not know SNMP deep enough or that tool deep enough to give a complete answer. I found some sites by googling that tool, so that’s a start:

Again, my understanding and knowledge of SNMP is limited, so if you need a SNMP expert, better to look to the networking TAC I’d guess.

I was able to send in a different OID by running the command like this:

Trapgen –d –o . –v . INTEGER 20

This was picked up in TEO like this…

04/25 15:49:01:075[TrapListener.0]: (mem=45222712/375521280) TrapReceiveHandler: Incoming trap from to local port 162

04/25 15:49:01:075[TrapListener.0]: (mem=45222712/375521280) TrapReceiveHandler: Incoming trap version: V1 and community string: public

04/25 15:49:01:075[TrapListener.0]: (mem=45222712/375521280) TrapReceiveHandler: Incoming trap has no Trap OID

04/25 15:49:01:075[TrapListener.0]: (mem=45222712/375521280) TrapReceiveHandler: Convert incoming V1 trap's trap OID to:

04/25 15:49:01:075[TrapListener.0]: (mem=45222712/375521280) TrapReceiveHandler: Trap source FQDN :IA-TAC-AUTO-TLS.CISCO.COM

04/25 15:49:01:075[TrapListener.0]: (mem=45222712/375521280) TrapReceiveHandler: Trap source from computer:IA-TAC-AUTO-TLS

And I verified that in the GUI.

Furthermore I found that I could trigger off of “*” for Trap OID in the trigger. So you can put a star to trigger off of any OID, and then just put some criteria for the variable bindings. This might work better.

Remember in the process we wrote and gave you, that the trigger does a search into the variable binding for *ERROR* so if you were monitoring "*" OID but still using that conditional it should be fine.


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