881W Configuration Challenges

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May 2nd, 2012
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Good evening all,

I recenly acquired a Cisco 881W ISR Router for use at home.  I eventually want to use it for VPN access to my home lab, but before I can do any of that I have to get my initial configuration working.

I had a couple of goals in mind for my initial config:

  1. Dual SSID, running WPA 2 encryption.  SSID1 goes to VLAN11, while SSID2 goes to VLAN12.  VLAN11 is the management VLAN, while VLAN12 will only be used for Guest Wireless access for interenet only.  The host router-side of the 881W is address with an address from VLAN11.
  2. I have two separate DHCP pools for each VLAN.

I based my configuration off of the following web page:


I am having a couple of problems with my setup.

  1. Both SSID's broadcast fine, but I'm only able to get a DHCP IP from the one assigned to VLAN12.
  2. Even though the BVI1 interface (for the AP) has an IP address that is on VLAN11, I can't ping back to the host router side.  I also am unable to ping the BVI1 interface from the router side.  When a device associates on VLAN12, I am able to ping that device from the router-side...

Attached are the configs of the R1-881W (router-side) and the AP-881W (AP-side), along with some output from debugging:

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Patrick Ware Fri, 05/04/2012 - 13:18
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Ok, so I went back and re-did my configuration putting everything that was in Vlan11 into Vlan1.  This seemed to be the only thing that would work.  So I have to use Vlan1 then it seems.  Interesting....  Please tell me if I am wrong.


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