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some issue in webview reports

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May 7th, 2012
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Hi all,

When taking report in agent team type, I see that some calling number is extension number in system (not the number of customer). I not found this call in nice record server. When I try to call in internal (frome internal phone 1 to internal phone 1), the call does not appear in the webview reports.

This is example about this issue.

Can you explain me why is it?

Thanks you so much!

37549HAN_9191_PN_Phuong549_TruongThiT 1449HanoiSkillGroup9191.sec 2/4/2012   11:042/4/2012   11:1144214499942440HAN_Pham_Nguyen_9191     HAN_9191
38859HAN_9191_MP_Thuy859_NguyenThanh 1734HanoiSkillGroup9191.sec 2/4/2012   12:562/4/2012   13:0338417349944380HAN_Minh_Phuc_9191     HAN_9191
38702HAN_9191_MP_Dao702_TrinhThi     1760HanoiSkillGroup9191.sec 2/4/2012   14:182/4/2012   14:2219317609942191HAN_Minh_Phuc_9191     HAN_9191
37533HAN_9191_PN_Ngoc533_QuachThi     1446HanoiSkillGroup9191.sec 3/4/2012   20:013/4/2012   20:05261144699414247HAN_Pham_Nguyen_9191     HAN_9191
37033HAN_G2_PN_Hotro23_37033         1401HanoiSkillGroup2.sec   4/4/2012   8:544/4/2012   8:55551491998055HAN_Pham_Nguyen_18001091 HAN_CallQueue_Sk2
37580HAN_9191_PN_Thuong580_NguyenHong 1456HanoiSkillGroup9191.sec 4/4/2012   16:524/4/2012   16:5517914569942177HAN_Pham_Nguyen_9191     HAN_9191
38859HAN_9191_MP_Thuy859_NguyenThanh 1759HanoiSkillGroup9191.sec 7/4/2012   8:487/4/2012   8:49621759994359HAN_Minh_Phuc_9191     HAN_9191
38034HAN_G2_MP_Hotro24_38034         1730HanoiSkillGroup2.sec   7/4/2012   14:017/4/2012   14:015145399805HAN_Minh_Phuc_18001091 HAN_Call_To_Agent_Sk2
36150HAN_9191_MC_Anh150_NguyenThi 1132HanoiSkillGroup9191.sec 7/4/2012   14:297/4/2012   14:302148099802HAN_Mocap_9191     HAN_9191
38702HAN_9191_MP_Dao702_TrinhThi     1707HanoiSkillGroup9191.sec 7/4/2012   14:297/4/2012   14:299148099809HAN_Minh_Phuc_9191     HAN_9191
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Dass Prakash R Tue, 05/08/2012 - 01:08
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Which report of webview you are facing the issue?

Normally you do not get the customer ANI in the webview reports. Webview reports are basically for the call type, agent and skillgroup status realtime and historical. Also, you had mentioned comparing with Nice logger, could you explain more in detail. Also which version you are presently working with?




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