Warranty expired?

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May 8th, 2012

We have an OnPlus agent device that was purchased about a year ago; but the OnPlus portal reports this specific unit is no longer under warranty and, of course, the agent no longer talking to the service. I thought these units included three years support?

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aqkazi Tue, 05/08/2012 - 09:54

Thank you for your post. Something does not sound right here. Could you send me a private message with the customer network name and I will have a look.


The OnPlus Team

avancentcisco Tue, 05/08/2012 - 10:04

Yes of course: “Avancent Consulting” is our customer (our internal network). We were initially testing at a client site but had problems keeping a connection. So we moved the test to our internal network where we could physically monitor the agent device more closely and change network settings more flexibly. After still experiencing connection problems; the unit was replaced under warranty. When we still had connectivity problems after the new hardware, in a final effort to evaluate the service, we posted one last comment. From that posting we were advised to adjust this network’s router’s timeouts for the OnPlus agent’s “heart beat” connection. That change allowed the Agent to work for about five days (the longest we had ever gone) when the warranty expired.

I would appreciate any help you might offer. After a year’s ownership and zero benefit we are about to give up on this service.


avancentcisco Fri, 05/11/2012 - 05:59

Hello Cisco Support,

Any news on this odd warranty expiration issue? Is coverage one year or three years? Thank you.


aqkazi Fri, 05/11/2012 - 07:07

I have reached out to our Small Business Support Center and Supply Management to have some clarification on this issue. They are looking into it and I will provide an update once I have more information.

Thank you,

The OnPlus Team

avancentcisco Tue, 05/15/2012 - 06:53

Looking forward to some news about this simple week old question. How long is the warranty and support on the OnPlus Agents and why is ours reporting out of warranty already? I have to decide if we are going to use Cisco OnPlus, and can’t evaluate the service without a device.

aqkazi Wed, 05/16/2012 - 08:18

My apologies and thank you for your patience. The warranty status has now been corrected.

The device comes with a 3 year warranty.


The OnPlus Team    

avancentcisco Wed, 05/16/2012 - 10:51

Thank you. The agent did not reconnect automatically; but after re-configuring its static IP address and re-activating the agent, it has connected successfully and is reporting the expected warranty coverage. I appreciate your help and look forward to resuming our testing.


mshikha Wed, 05/16/2012 - 09:44

Hi Todd,

Cisco OnPlus is available at a List Price of $250 and comes with a 3 year subscription and the OnPlus Network Appliance. Cisco Technical Support is included for the entire term of the subscription. In addition, the OnPlus Network Appliance is covered under Cisco Small Business Enhanced Limited Lifetime Hardware Warranty which is effectively for the life of the appliance and 5 years after the announcement of discontinuance, if any. You are entitled to Next Business Day hardware replacement in case of device failure and technical support.

Additionally, when you renew the OnPlus subscription after three years, access to Cisco Technical Support will also automatically get extended for another 1 or 3 years depending on the renewal.

You can read more detail in the Terms & Conditions, available at the bottom of the OnPlus Customer Dashboard page (screenshot below).

You mentioned that the agent was not working at your site. Is that still the case? Please let us know and we can help you get this fixed or get you a replacement.

One more thing - You mention in your post that the OnPlus portal reports that the your specific ON100 unit is no longer under warranty – can you please share where in the portal you are seeing the warranty status for the ON100? We want to get to the bottom of this issue so that this does not get repeated. Appreciate your help.

We apologize for your inconvenience. Hopefully we will get you back on track with OnPlus soon.



avancentcisco Wed, 05/16/2012 - 10:49

Thank you for the warranty information. This conforms with my understanding and with the help of another Cisco service representative earlier today, we learned that the warranty record for this device has been fixed. Following a necessary reinstall of the static IP address and re-activation, the Agent did re-connect a moment ago and is now reporting a valid warranty status. We’ll look forward to resuming our evaluation. With the network router’s timeouts set to a longer period, I also believe the spontaneous disconnects we had been seeing are corrected although I’ll look forward to a few weeks of success rather than just the 4-5 days we saw before the warranty issue interrupted our testing.


mshikha Wed, 05/16/2012 - 11:05

Sounds good Todd! Let us know if you run into any issues.




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