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May 9th, 2012

Hello i have one doubt, on cisco Jabber i have these fields on voice mail configuation:





What will be this username and password? Will be the username and password from LDAP?

Other thing i need to enable visual voice mail for jabber?


I have this problem too.
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juyan Fri, 05/18/2012 - 22:16

hi leonardotadeu

those username and password are Visual VoiceMail credential.

if you are using LDAP import from AD or other LDAP server to voicemail,

then you can use LDAP credential, if not, please find your unity connection accounts and input it.

and Server is your Unity connection server IP address.

Ports you can leave it blank, or input as below:




please use 7993 or blank it.

thanks a lot!

leonardotadeu Sat, 05/19/2012 - 19:48

But on CUC what i need to configure for the user access the voice mail, to receive alert of incoming voice messages?

Thanks Jun Yan!

juyan Sat, 05/19/2012 - 21:40

once you have un-read voicemail, your Jabber on windows will display red at the left strip.

do you mean CUPS? what kind of IM server are you using?

on CUPS you can configure default CUCM and Unity Connection IP address.

so user don't need to input the Server and Port that we mentioned above.


leonardotadeu Sun, 05/20/2012 - 08:33

I talking about the Jabber for iPhone


Sent from Cisco Technical Support iPhone App

juyan Sun, 05/20/2012 - 19:02

hi, Leo

Jabber for iPhone is the same way. it only supports CUC.

you can setup it up easily.

could send some screenshot of what's your problem?

Thanks a lot!

leonardotadeu Sun, 05/20/2012 - 19:06

when i put the username and password and the ip of CUC, but the jabber cannot verify the account of voice mail!

I ll post the jabber error, is like the account on CUC not exist, i have the CUC syncronzed with Microsoft AD.


jasmsand Sun, 05/20/2012 - 19:20

Since you mentioned UC is AD Integrated, make sure of the following:

- End User is also Integrated with LDAP

- End User is part of Class of Service which has IMAP enabled as outlined in the guide mentioned in the previous posts.

You can perform the following test to verify if you have IMAP configured correctly and using the correct credentials.

On Windows Pc: Open up command prompt by going to Start -> Run -> cmd

telnet 143

Once you hit enter, you will telnet into IMAP Server running on Unity Connection. Next type the following command and hit enter:

1 login

As an example if Unity Connection IP is and End User ID is jdoe and password is cisco123 then you will run the command as follow:

telnet 143

1 login jdoe cisco123

If all is configured correctly, you should get "Login Successful"

Note: If at anytime you did a typo when writing the commands after telnet to IMAP Server, just hit enter as BackSpace will clear the typo but the command will become invalid. For the next command, just increment the number as in "2 login jdoe cisco123"

leonardotadeu Tue, 05/22/2012 - 08:06

I cannot log, there is something that i need to enable on CUC, all the user are members of this Class of Service.

jasmsand Tue, 05/22/2012 - 09:28

Seems like you have the correct IMAP Access setup. Can you also provide the screenshot of the Service Management so that we can verify that Cisco IMAP Server is running.

jasmsand Tue, 05/22/2012 - 20:16

Hey Leo,

Yes we need to make sure that IMAP is enabled and running on Unity Connection.

So when you try to telnet to Unity Connection using the command "telnet 143" does that fail as well?

I do see that you have IMAP enabled for the Voice Mail Class of Service with the following setting:

All you have to make sure now is that IMAP is running under the Serviceability Page of Unity Connection.

CUPC and Jabber will use Unity Connection for both voicemail and mailstore and we don't engage Exchange at all.

When you refer to client don't support IMAP, do you mean, you can't start IMAP on the Unity Connection Server?



leonardotadeu Thu, 05/24/2012 - 08:52

Hello i dont unterstand yet!

Where i enable the IMAP in email server or in CUC/

jasmsand Thu, 05/24/2012 - 09:17

Hey Leo,

IMAP is enabled by going to the Class of Service and checking the box "Allow Users to Access Voice Mail Using an IMAP Client" which you have ALREADY done based on the screenshot you sent.

Next step is to make sure IMAP SERVICE is running successfully on Unity Connection.

Login to CUC Serviceability Page -> Tools -> Service Management and select the server and then verify that CISCO IMAP is in "RUNNING" status



jasmsand Tue, 05/29/2012 - 10:04

FYI, IMAP needs to be enabled on CUC, which you have already done so. Can you let me know if you had a chance to verify if IMAP Service is running on CUC as mentioned in the above post?


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