3502 access point will not connect to 4400 Series WLAN controller

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May 21st, 2012

I recently upgraded our controllers to the latest version 7 software, as I read this was one of the requirements to get them to connect.  But I am not having any luck getting into a controller.  Normally I plug them in to the network, they pop into the controller listed as something like AP5057.a844.xxxx and then I can finish configuring them, but a static IP on them, etc...

This is the first of this model AP I have tried to deploy, so I am wondering what is different with these. or what I might be missing in the default config in the WLAN controllers.

Niether of which are set to "Master" either.

Thanks in advance, Tandrist

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blakekrone Mon, 05/21/2012 - 08:00

Have you primed the AP with the WLC IP or how is the AP trying to find the WLC?

t.andrist Mon, 05/21/2012 - 08:27

No, I have never had to "Prime" any other model Cisco Acess points in the past.  By, primed I am assuming you telnet into the service port?

Thanks, Tandrist

blakekrone Mon, 05/21/2012 - 08:53

Yes that is what I meant by priming.

What discovery mechanism then do you have setup for your APs to find the controller? Broadcast? DHCP? DNS?

t.andrist Mon, 05/21/2012 - 09:21

DHCP, I can see it in the DHCP server, just not getting to the controller. I have been setting them up this way for years, just not this model.

I just read that the 3502 needs a Gig connection, could this be the problem?

blakekrone Mon, 05/21/2012 - 09:44

Did you add the VCI for the 3502 APs to the scope? Attach a console cable and post the boot log.

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t.andrist Mon, 05/21/2012 - 10:03

Vendor Specific Info...Hex mess, in the DHCP scope options?   No I have not, not sure how too????

t.andrist Mon, 05/21/2012 - 13:17

Ok, added the Vendor Class Identifier to the DHCP scope/server options, still will not connect to WLAN controller.

Gets an IP address via DHCP, I can see it in the server, I can ping the WLAN controller, from the management interface, when booting with puttty.

Leo Laohoo Mon, 05/21/2012 - 15:20
Gets an IP address via DHCP, I can see it in the server, I can ping the WLAN controller, from the management interface, when booting with puttty.

Can I ask if you could possible post the output to the following commands:

1.  WLC:  sh sysinfo

2.  WAP:  sh version

3.  WAP:  sh inventory

Lastly, please attach a console cable to the WAP and reboot the WAP.  I would like to ask if you are able to post the entire bootup process.

fbarboza Thu, 05/24/2012 - 10:00
The 3500 as you mention are supported on code 7.0
To get the access point to join the WLC we have different options. 
If the access points will be on the same subnet as the WLC then you just need to get the APs to get a valid IP address from the DHCP server and once they have an IP address they will join the WLC because they are on the same subnet as the WLC. 
If the access points are on a different subnet then the WLC you will need to have a DHCP server configured to give the unit an IP address and use option 43 or DNS so that the APs can send the join request to the correct WLC on a different subnet.
Or if not configure the AP via the console port with the static IP address and WLC IP address. 
Also make sure that you have the correct country code enable on the WLC, and that the APs you purchased are the ones to work in this country, because if not the AP will not join the WLC. 
yjooteck Wed, 12/11/2013 - 20:00

Hi Guys, Am having almost similar problem... I need to setup two access points to the existing WLC on which eight Access points are already working fine.... I added new switch in to the network and and connecting this two Access point... AP is getting the IP address from DHCP, IP address of WLC and AP is in the same subnet and same vlan 36... Am able to ping the IP address of AP from the switch it is connected to and also from my notebook which is in vlan 211..  Problem is AP is not joing the WLC...


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