HowTo enable EIM Outbound option for integrated talking agents?

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May 22nd, 2012
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Hi everybody,

my problem is:

I have IPTA (UCCE 8.5 integrated) agents to EIM/WIM added to media routing domains: Voice, CIM, CIM_OUTBOUND. When agent receives an inbound call, during the received call, agent wants/needs to create an email via EIM (by pressing F3 in agent console).

Agent gets warning message: Complete all unfinished non-interruptible activities!

MRDs are set:




It would be great to allow integrated agents to create EIM during a call.

How is it possible?

Thank you,


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As you noted, it won't let you do this. It's a deficiency in the product and comes up in other situations.

If an agent is in both voice inbound skill groups and EIM inbound skill groups, then email is an "interruptible channel" so an agent, working on an email they have received, now gets interrupted by a voice call. The system is wrong in what it now does - the agent is totally locked out of the EIM interface - they cannot complete the current email and finish it off, even if it's ready to send and all they need to do is press "Send and Complete".

This is braindead and Cisco/eGain need to address it.



avenkatesh Wed, 05/23/2012 - 11:12
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There is a valid reason why we don't allow an agent to work on emails (IB or OB) while a voice call is in progress. Once the interrupt by a voice call (which is higher priority since it is real time) is accepted, the CTI interface stops accepting CTI messages until the voice call is completed.

Multitasking between email and voice is a feature that we are planning for the release that follows EIM WIM 9.


Thanks for posting. I'm glad it's being addressed. Sometimes, email is not a "lazy" channel where a slow response (say within 3 hours) is perfectly acceptable.

At one of my customers, who uses EIM on a large scale, most of the emails result from faxes of orders: orders are faxed to a fax number and turned into emails by Faxination, and then pushed through EIM integrated with ICM.

The customers who send these faxes expect a fairly immediate response since they have just confirmed an exchange of money for product. The customer often calls in shortly after faxing the order to check that the contact center has the fax and is handling it. They are very demanding. The exclusivity of the voice channel above slows down processing for blended agents.

A normal email would not be followed up by phone in this way.



avenkatesh Wed, 05/23/2012 - 15:36
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Thanks for further insight into the use case.

Here's one method using the current feature capability that you could explore:

  1. Make the email MRD for which the faxes are being sent "non-interruptible" and dedicated for faxes (i.e., faxes converted into email which then arrive into EIM).
  2. When a voice call comes in to the contact center, the voice call will be assigned to another available agent who could potentially look up the activity/case notes and determine the status of the fax (even though it is not assigned to the agent that is assigned to work on the fax).



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