CSS11501 slow HTTP HEAD requests

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First post, so bear with me.

I have a 11501, which is connected via it's Gigabit port to a Nexus 5010 switch. This in turn services hosts which have two VM's, set up as web application servers.

Config is as follows:

!*************************** GLOBAL ***************************
  sntp primary-server-poll-interval 90
  sntp primary-server version 3
  sntp secondary-server version 3
  sntp secondary-server-poll-interval 90

  dns secondary
  dns primary
  dns suffix <xxxx.xxx.xxx>

  ip route 1

!************************* INTERFACE *************************
interface e9
  bridge vlan 64

!************************** CIRCUIT **************************
circuit VLAN64

  ip address
    no redirects

!************************** SERVICE **************************
service APP01
  ip address
  keepalive type http
  protocol tcp
  port 5000
  keepalive uri "/web/path"

service APP02
  ip address
  protocol tcp
  port 5000
  keepalive uri "/web/path"
  keepalive type http

!*************************** OWNER ***************************
owner HA
  email-address <ommitted>
  content XX_Content
    vip address
    port 5000
    protocol tcp
    url "//ha.company.com:5000/*"
    add service APP01
    add service APP02
    balance leastconn

!*************************** GROUP ***************************
group NAT_Grp
  add destination service APP01
  add destination service APP02
  vip address

!**************************** ACL ****************************
acl 90
  clause 2 permit any any destination any
  clause 1 permit any any destination sourcegroup NAT_Grp
  apply circuit-(VLAN64)


Whilst the URL of http://ha.company.com:5000/path works, it is painfully slow. Removing the NLB proves the app servers aren't the issue. Pages come up as they should.

Duplex on the ethernet port is gigabit-FD-sym-asym

Does anyone perhaps have any suggestions, please?



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Cesar Roque Tue, 05/29/2012 - 16:11
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Hi Chris,

What is the version running on the CSS???

Please send a showtech of the CSS.

Do you have simultaneous captures on both sides of the CSS showing this behavior?  It could be a TCP windows scale issue but we need to see the captures to confirm this.


Cesar R

Cesar Roque Thu, 05/31/2012 - 10:29
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Hi Chris,

Can you get a capture in a PC while you sent some requests to the VIP address?


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