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WebVPN on Cisco 881 - anyconnect errors

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May 29th, 2012
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Trying to set up webvpn on an 881, below is the configuration. When I try to connect I get a certificate error and then "unable to process response from x.x.x.x". I've installed the certificate and played with the configuration, no joy. What am I missing? Any help is appreciated!

version 12.4

no service pad

service timestamps debug datetime msec

service timestamps log datetime msec

service password-encryption


hostname 881



boot system flash c880data-universalk9-mz.124-24.T7.bin



logging message-counter syslog

logging buffered 4096

enable secret 5 *******************


aaa new-model



aaa authentication login default local

aaa authentication login ciscocp_vpn_xauth_ml_1 local

aaa authorization exec default local



aaa session-id common

clock timezone MDT -7

clock summer-time MDT date Apr 6 2003 2:00 Oct 26 2003 2:00


crypto pki trustpoint TP-self-signed-3889000205

enrollment selfsigned

subject-name cn=IOS-Self-Signed-Certificate-3889000205

revocation-check none

rsakeypair TP-self-signed-3889000205



crypto pki certificate chain TP-self-signed-3889000205

certificate self-signed 01

  3082024A 308201B3 A0030201 02020101 300D0609 2A864886 F70D0101 04050030

  31312F30 2D060355 04031326 494F532D 53656C66 2D536967 6E65642D 43657274

  69666963 6174652D 33383839 30303032 3035301E 170D3132 30343131 32333434

  34385A17 0D323030 31303130 30303030 305A3031 312F302D 06035504 03132649

  4F532D53 656C662D 5369676E 65642D43 65727469 66696361 74652D33 38383930

  30303230 3530819F 300D0609 2A864886 F70D0101 01050003 818D0030 81890281

  8100C761 647E5607 0C3DCBA2 3ABDBDB9 75A5B7F7 73D2F941 8AABEC44 00EAA942

  5E4F7176 1BBC506B 6469E976 38C4692B 6D47B0D2 E771125E 3DA4873C D3080C2D

  7FC889EE 5CA0B10C 0541DE8D CA703C30 3F27CBB9 21287D3F C503D0AD E7F40F33

  491ED3DD 31DA595D 325BFD6D 1E280B39 3D454B69 7191BDB1 ECD297A0 7CA68E6A

  7A6B0203 010001A3 72307030 0F060355 1D130101 FF040530 030101FF 301D0603

  551D1104 16301482 12383831 2E43756E 6E696E67 68616D2E 636F6D30 1F060355

  1D230418 30168014 E7592767 8D155688 BE30CE21 7D65B5CF 5EACF7AD 301D0603

  551D0E04 160414E7 5927678D 155688BE 30CE217D 65B5CF5E ACF7AD30 0D06092A

  864886F7 0D010104 05000381 810072DC DCD37044 F2F055D2 F67A355D 8148A017

  026F44F4 732BD3C4 55C8B842 E1B8A935 964B4895 AEBCB725 6F19B16D C086A803

  55F6E0EF 3FB3048A B4EF1BDB A365ED16 929EE369 26FF663F 625F4740 3461DD0F

  B97819B0 D3CE9085 F76D826F 439A9690 27C8884B FC0C113D 31467E2D 5374C67D

  C384CEFD E1F688DC 76E1A9B9 D241


ip source-route



ip dhcp excluded-address

ip dhcp excluded-address


ip dhcp pool myPool

   import all




   lease 7



ip cef

no ip domain lookup

ip domain name Cunningham.com

no ipv6 cef





username xzxxxx privilege 15 secret 5 xxxxxxx





log config




no ip ftp passive




interface Loopback1

no ip address


interface FastEthernet0


interface FastEthernet1


interface FastEthernet2


interface FastEthernet3

description Link to switch


interface FastEthernet4

description ISP Link

ip address 66.*.*.*

ip nat outside

ip virtual-reassembly

duplex auto

speed auto


interface Virtual-Template1

ip unnumbered FastEthernet4


interface wlan-ap0

description Service module interface to manage the embedded AP

ip unnumbered Vlan1

arp timeout 0


interface Wlan-GigabitEthernet0

description Internal switch interface connecting to the embedded AP

switchport mode trunk


interface Vlan1

ip address

ip nat inside

ip virtual-reassembly


ip local pool VPN_Pool

ip forward-protocol nd

ip route 66.*.*.*

no ip http server

ip http authentication local

ip http secure-server

ip http timeout-policy idle 60 life 86400 requests 10000


ip nat inside source list 10 interface FastEthernet4 overload


logging history debugging

access-list 10 permit








banner login ^CUnauthorized access, use, or attempts at unauthorized access or use of htis computer netowrk are violations of law.  Violators will be prosecuted to the fullext extent of local and international laws^C


line con 0

no modem enable

line aux 0

line 2

no activation-character

no exec

transport preferred none

transport input all

line vty 0 4

password 7 06160E325F59060B01

transport input telnet ssh

transport output telnet ssh


scheduler max-task-time 5000


webvpn gateway gateway_1

ip address 66.*.*.* port 443

ssl trustpoint TP-self-signed-3889000205



webvpn sslvpn-vif nat inside


webvpn install svc flash:/webvpn/anyconnect-win-2.5.2019-k9.pkg sequence 1


webvpn context VPN

secondary-color white

title-color #669999

text-color black

ssl authenticate verify all



policy group policy_1

   functions svc-enabled

   svc address-pool "VPN_Pool"

   svc keep-client-installed

   svc rekey method new-tunnel

   svc dns-server primary

virtual-template 1

default-group-policy policy_1

aaa authentication list ciscocp_vpn_xauth_ml_1

gateway gateway_1 domain vpn

max-users 20




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