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SPA122 QoS Upstream setting limits downstream too?

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Jul 3rd, 2012
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If I set the QoS Upstream value to 500kbps for DSL and then make a call, then goto a networked computer and pull a file through the DSL, the download speed seems to also be limited to the same 500kbps as set for upstream.

I'm wondering if this is supposed to be the way it works as the QoS bandwidth field is clearly labelled "upstream" bandwith.

The QoS limit stops when the call has completed, downloads are no longer limited to the QoS value set in the Upstream field.

Model:SPA122, LAN, 2 FXS
Hardware Version:1.0.0
Boot Version:1.0.1 (Oct  6 2011 - 20:04:00)
Firmware Version:1.1.0 (011) Feb 10 2012
Recovery Firmware:1.0.1 (005)



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daleschultz Mon, 07/16/2012 - 06:08
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I have a support request open with Cisco to figure this out.  What I'd like to see is a setting for upstream and downstream  to accommodate asymmetrical services such as DSL and cable.

I'll report back on this progress.

daleschultz Fri, 08/24/2012 - 14:02
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A new version of firmware has been released 1.2.1(004), but it still has the QoS problem.

On the positive side the Visual Message Waiting Indicator now turns off once all the messagaes have been heard.

daleschultz Thu, 09/20/2012 - 11:51
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I received a response back from Cisco Product Management/Engineering stating they have no plans to change the QoS system to support asymmetrical links with separate Up/Down bandwidth settings.  Too bad since that's the way of the world these days.

What I have also discovered with the current release 1.2.1(004) is that if you set the QoS for a value lower than the default of 10Mbps and initiate a VoIP call, then download a large file which tries to consume more bandwidth than the setting of the QoS value, you will start to see/hear packet loss on the VoIP packets coming into the ATA.  So QoS is broken.  This was not the case in the old 1.1.0 release or a beta 1.3 version I've tested.

axium102axium102 Sun, 12/02/2012 - 16:59
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That is too bad. QoS in unusable on this ATA then. It is hard to understand. This is a critical feature for ATA to be usable.

axium102axium102 Sun, 12/02/2012 - 17:08
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I have problem with QoS SPA 122 too. I have a Cable modem. Internet connection is 7 Mbs down/ 250 kbs up. SPA 122 is plugged directly into my cable modem. My PC is plugged into the SPA122 - which is working in a router mode.  When I am not using internet calls are cristal clear. When internet is in use words are getting cut off or lost. Upload or transmission seems to be the biggest problem. People can not hear me well. It is worse with higher QoS upload speed settings. It somehow works betterw ith lower values (160-190) kbs- but - far from perfect. BUT - at those low settings my download speeds are getting severly restricted as well - to about 160 kbs down.

Firmware ver: 1.2.1 Jul 27 2012

What is wrong with QoS??


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