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Jul 4th, 2012

I cannot get the Operator conference in TMS to work.  Each time I try, I get the window to select the endpoint to put into the conference, but I get a message that Start time cannot be after end time.  Any suggestions?  TMS is 13.1.1.                  

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Michael McGary Wed, 07/04/2012 - 16:17

Have you verified that TMS' underlying Windows server's clock and time zone are set properly? Also, verify the user has their time zone set properly in their client OS and also in TMS user profile for that user.

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Darren McKinnon Thu, 07/05/2012 - 04:30

Michael, I'm trying to launch this from the TMS application running directly on the server, and the clocks are correct.

Rafal Szeremeta Wed, 07/04/2012 - 17:48

Hi Darren

Can you please confirm if conference was booked via TMS or Outlook?

What is exact procedure you follow when creating operator conference? Can you provide more details please?



Darren McKinnon Thu, 07/05/2012 - 04:41

Rafal, the original meeting was a multiway adhoc call (Just tried this with a scheduled conference, same results).  I clicked on one of the users in the Monitoring tab, and clicked the "Move to Operator conference" icon for one of the users.  The window I pasted in my original question pops up, and I click OK.  The operator system I am selecting is a C20 running TC5.1.


Michael McGary Thu, 07/05/2012 - 05:38

The Operator Conference function in Conference Control Center (CCC) was created as a method for a bridge (MCU) operator could move a participant seamlessly from a conference into a side-conference and once the issue that needed to be worked on was resolved, put them back into the original conference. All of that while not disconnecting them from a call.

Therefore, the Operator Conference is only supported on either a former TANDBERG MPS or a Cisco TelePresence MCU.

Here os what happens when you select a participant and move them to the operator conference. A meeting is temporarily scheduled on the same bridge (MCU) and the endpoint selected as the operator is added to the meeting. Once the endpoint is connected, TMS sends a command to the MCU API to move the participant from their original meeting into the new scheduled meeting. When you select the participant again and put them back in the original meeting, TMS uses the same API command and moves them back into their originally scheduled meeting.

So, Operator Conference will not work on a meeting that is either ad-hoc or scheduled using the MultiSite on the endpoint and I also believe that it (although I have not tested this recently) it will not work on ad-hoc calls, only supported on scheduled calls.

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Darren McKinnon Thu, 07/05/2012 - 05:41

We don't use multisite here, only Mutliway.  And I mentioned in my reply to Rafal that i tried it on a scheduled conference with the same results.  I'm using an MSE 8420 for my bridge.  Are there any settings I need to confirm on it?

Patrick Sparkman Thu, 07/05/2012 - 06:10

I just tested this using a schedule conference through TMS that I just created and started on our MSE 8510 MCU, and I get the same error reported as Darren.

Kjetil Ree Thu, 07/05/2012 - 07:36

I just tested this feature using TMS 13.2.1 an a TelePresence MCU 8510 running 4.3(1.68).

First I scheduled a C60, an MX200, and a Polycom HDX to call into the MCU over H.323. When the conference was up and running, I right clicked the MX200 in the CCC, selected "Move To Operator Conference", and chose an MXP6000 as my Operator System.

About two seconds later, a confrence called "(MCU name) (username)" was created on the MCU, and the MX200 was connected to the MXP6000. I could then freely move all systems between the original scheduled conference and my operator confrence.

I then retested using an ad hoc call, and the result was the same; the operator conference worked as expexted. I also tested using a TC 5.1 system as the Operator System.

I think we thus can assume that your problem isn't a defect in the Operator Conference feature itself, but rather a configuration issue in your enviroment.

Darren McKinnon Thu, 07/05/2012 - 10:07

The only difference I see between your testing, Kjetil, and mine is that you are using TMS 13.2.1 and an HD bridge.  I have TMS 13.1.1, and an 8420 SD media blade, but with the same software - 4.3 (1.68).

Patrick Sparkman Thu, 07/05/2012 - 10:29

I just tested this again, with all H323 endpoints, and I still got the same error message - any ideas?  I'm running the same setup as Kjetil.

Jens Didriksen Thu, 07/05/2012 - 17:58

This is probably not going to help much; but it's working fine for me, both in scheduled and Multiway ad-hoc conferences.

TMS 13.2.1 - Codian 4520 v4.3 (2.18) - VCS x7.1


Darren McKinnon Sat, 09/15/2012 - 15:33

Just an FYI - I have opened a ticket with TAC in July, and upgraded TMS to 13.1.2 and started to use TMPSE, but operator conference still does not work.

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Darren McKinnon Fri, 03/01/2013 - 10:52

Tim Walker and I discovered today that the problem I have been experiencing is because I have a setup time setting in my Administration --> Conference Settings page.  Mine are set to 20 minutes setup by default.  conference operator works as expected when this setting is 0 minutes.

If I booked a conference with the default startup buffer to be 20 minutes, and changed it to 0 in the booking page, it still does not work. 

Tim is going to report this as a bug.


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