how to apply policy-map to subinterface ?

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Jul 17th, 2012
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hi ,

i have the topology below ,

i have two routers , one used as a gateway and connected to two internet sources ,

i have vlan 10 with  which has the subnet x.y.66.128/25 and want to apply OQS to this vlan as following:

i want to dedicate cir with 15 mega , .

my subnet will go to internet  out from the interface Gi0/3.3 which is a subinterface of the gateway router.


before all of that :

the 1st trial ,  imade a sub interface on the Bras router Gi0/2.2 and let it the gatway of my subnet and applied the QOS out of the Bras router to the interface Gi0/1.

but i read that it is risky to do it in that place, and the optimal place is to apply this QOS on the gateway router as output .

my problem is , i could do the policymap to bras , but if i want to apply it to the gateway i have to apply it to subinterface Gi0/3.3 and  it is not being accepted to be applied n the subinterface .

here is the error when i try to apply it :

Gateway(config-subif)#service-policy output sawa

CBWFQ : Not supported on subinterfaces


now i want to help me how to apply my qos to the subinterface,

i will include the my previous config wheni was applying it to bras router and want to help me wt to modify so as to be able to be applied to the gateway subinterface Gi0/3.3


here is the accesslist matched my subnet

Extended IP access list sawa

    10 permit ip x.y.66.128 any (387727 matches)

Class Map match-all sawa (id 10)

   Match access-group name sawa

Policy Map sawa

    Class sawa

      bandwidth 15000 (kbps)

    Class class-default



service-policy output sawa   =======> under the interface Gi0/1 of Bras router


my request now is , what i need to modify so as my config work well on the subinterface Gi0/3.3 on the agteway router ??????


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Ahmed M Alzaeem Tue, 07/17/2012 - 05:14
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hi , the image may be unclear ,

just click on the image and will be opened as well


Ahmed M Alzaeem Tue, 07/17/2012 - 07:10
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hi ,


i read this articale and will post my config which i will apply ,

but as u see from the image above ,

wt will happed if i apply the QOS on the bras router not no the Gateway router ??

like wt problems could occurs???


Ahmed M Alzaeem Tue, 07/17/2012 - 07:23
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hi tried to apply it but it failed !!


Extended IP access list sawa

    10 permit ip x.y.66.128 any (387727 matches)

Policy Map sawa

    Class sawa

  Policy Map subinterfacesawa

    Class class-default

      bandwidth 15000 (kbps)

      service-policy sawa

here is the output

Bras(config-subif)#service-policy subinterfacesawa


% Invalid input detected at '^' marker.



wts wrong with my config ?????



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