How to limit Wireless Users Bandwidth using Nexus 7000 and WLC

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Jul 20th, 2012

Hi guys,

I used the following commands to limit users on my wireless network (WLC 5500) and a Nexus 7000.  The previous cisco doc only covers the 6500 and some commands have changed.  Tested and working except the PIR gives an error, post up if you know why, otherwise enjoy!

Note Wireless Network assumed to be

Note This will limit each wireless user to 1 Mbps
Note The PIR (Peak Infomation rate, also know as burst) is ignored in following commands, unknown at this time why.

Create ACLs:

ip access-list acl-wireless-downstream
  10 permit ip any
ip access-list acl-wireless-upstream
  10 permit ip any
class-map type qos match-all class-wireless-upstream
  match access-group name acl-wireless-upstream
class-map type qos match-all class-wireless-downstream
  match access-group name acl-wireless-downstream
policy-map type qos police-wireless-upstream
  class class-wireless-upstream
    police cir 1 mbps bc 200 ms pir 1536 kbps be 200 ms conform transmit exceed drop violate drop
policy-map type qos police-wireless-downstream
  class class-wireless-downstream
    police cir 1 mbps bc 200 ms pir 1536 kbps be 200 ms conform transmit exceed drop violate drop

1.Apply police-wireless-upstream on the incoming port from the controller.

interface port-channel130
  description *** LAG for WLC1 ***
  switchport mode trunk
  switchport trunk allowed vlan 80,130,255,600
  service-policy type qos input police-wireless-upstream

2.Apply policy-wireless-downstream on the uplink LAN/WAN ports.

interface port-channel101
  description *** L3 Port Channel to Core VDC ***
  no switchport
  service-policy type qos input police-wireless-downstream
  ip address
  ip router eigrp 10

I have this problem too.
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Leo Laohoo Sat, 07/21/2012 - 17:46
Note This will limit each wireless user to 1 Mbps

This 1 Mbps per user, PER SSID?

I mean, let's say you have 3 SSIDs and you want all users of SSID 1 to have 1 Mbps?

If this is so, then you can configure QoS on the WLC-side.

michaeldodd98 Mon, 07/23/2012 - 19:07

this would cause everyone on the network to be limited to 1 Mbps, I setup one SSID per IP network.

If you could post up how to achieve the same using just the WLC I would apprecaite it.

Leo Laohoo Mon, 07/23/2012 - 20:54

Wireless > QoS > Profiles > click on a profile to edit and change the rates as required of the "Average Data Rate".

Go to WLAN > choose the SSID to edit > QoS tab > and choose the QoS you desire to use.

liveshell Mon, 10/15/2012 - 01:28

I want to limit bandwidth for particular IP. I can do this using proper configuratio of IP ACL. But what if I dont have information on interface?  Can I apply bandwidth control for particular IP without knowing the interface?


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