SA520 Content Filter Bypass for select users

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We utilize ProtectLink Web with our SA540, and it allows this functionality.

Under ProtectLink -> Approved Clients -> Click Add -> Enter a single or range of IPs to exclude from URL Filtering.

Here is what is under Help for the Approved Clients page.


Approved Clients

Approved Client IP Configuration

This  page allows you to add a new entry or edit the configuration of an  existing entry. The details will then be displayed in the Approved  Clients List on the Approved Clients page. Web Protection will not  restrict URL requests from these IP addresses. For example, - will exclude all the IP addresses that fall in the range.

IP Address Type: Select Single to add a single IP address, or select Range to enter a range of IP addresses.

Start IP Address: Type the starting IP address.

End IP Address: Type the ending IP address. This field is enabled only if Range is selected in the IP Address Type.

Click Apply to save the settings.

Click Reset to revert to the previous settings.


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