SPA122 first setup problem

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Aug 6th, 2012


I  used to install the SPA-2102 ATAs at my customers sites (POS) in a very  fast and reliably way by using the following procedure:

I have to use the blue LAN port, because multiple SPAs are daisy chained (from yellow to blue, etc.)

With  the new SPA122 however, enabling the wan admin web interface is no longer possible, as long as the  default admin password is 'admin'. But how can I change the admin password without  getting to the WAN web configuration? Here we have a deadlock. Very  disappointing!!!

Sometimes  I also had the need to change the network mode from NAT to Bridge. I  always used the (undocumented) IVR code 201#, that worked absolutely  fine. The SPA122 accepts the code, but the setting remains unset. It would be really nice if this is going to be fixed, as it comes in handy in some all days situations.

Can theese two issues please be corrected with the next firmware version?

I  often send the devices directly from the distributor to my customers.  They are brand new and she only has to simply connect the phone and the  cables. The rest is done by me remotely. Because when working remotely I  cannot change the IP address of the local PCs to 192.168.15.x using the  'Ethernet' port is no option

Has anyone a solution how to circumvent my problems with the new devices, until the firmware supports the old behaviour?

I appreciate any comments! :-)



I have this problem too.
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nseto Wed, 08/08/2012 - 14:27

For the resync on the spa1xx, it's needs to be looking like the following example.

For the NAT to Bridge issue, the next release will have the fix.  It's supposed to be available this month on

raisacomhb Fri, 08/10/2012 - 00:38

Thanks, that eases one issue.

As I stated, the devices are often sent to our customers "like a virgin" , i.e. with Firmware 1.0 as shipped by Cisco and its distributors.

Is there ANY backdoor, so that I can at least issue a firmware update or a config resync *over the blue internet port*, or unlock the web configuration over that port? I have NO possibility (and allowance) to set a single PC or the network where the device is installed to!

We are not shipping SPAs to our customers at the moment, because of this issue. So there must be any solution to handle newly shipped deviced with the initial firmware on it?!


PS: There is no options capable DHCP server available, neither a TFTP server, solely an HTTP server. Because we're talking about a clients (or sometimes consumers [SOHO]) site.


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