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Aug 9th, 2012


i have a wlc 5508 with code 7.0.220, with multicast enabled in it and on the lan too.I am having a bit of confusion getting bonjour to work on the wireless side. Looking at some of the cisco docs, i still have some questions on how to get it working in my specific enviroment.

I have the wlc conected to the lan via a port-channel.  2 wlan (ssid1 and ssid2) each wlan maps to a specific vlan (dynamic int), the management int (also used for dynamic ap-manager) on a third vlan (vlan x).

The requirement:

I need to get Bonjour working between ssid1 and vlan-x, so my wireless clients (in ssid1 can use bonjour with their laptops) can synch between wireless and wired. I know that you can do this within the same wlan (ssid) but in this case, when a user has a laptop wired into the network he cant comunicate to the wireless device. I read about Vlan Select and Multicast Optimization however, from what i understand i need to setup an interface group and just assign my wlan1 and management int to it, correct?

Is there anyone that has this type of setup working? Can you provide some configs/print screens.

Another scenario that may come into play would also be when or if i need a different segment (vlan y) in my lan to also "bonjour" with ssid1? For this i assume i would need to create a dynamic interface on the wlc using the same IP segment and do the a new interface group?

thanks in advance

I have this problem too.
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Stephen Rodriguez Thu, 08/09/2012 - 08:38

currently bonjour is only viable on the same subnet.  Soon to be released is the Cisco Bonjour Gateway which will help a device find another bonjour device on a different subnet.


but here is the general needed config for multicast with the WLC.



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EliSerrano Thu, 08/09/2012 - 19:23


Thanks for the quick replies. Based on this links provided, i will need to wait for what i assume will be a code upgrade.

Leo Laohoo Wed, 08/15/2012 - 18:43

Cisco answers user questions about upcoming Apple Bonjour Gateway

How specific can you be about the beta release of the Gateway?

Beta for the v7.4 release will be in Oct/Nov of this year [2012].

[RECORDING]Better Application Device Visibility With Cisco’s Bonjour Gateway-20120724 1704-1


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