Redundancy over back haul MPLS -3750,ASA,2911

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Aug 16th, 2012
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Ok so I have three locations.  Each one has an Internet connection (50Mbs) each to the same provider.  Each location also has a connection to an MPLS provider that routes our interoffic traffic.  I would like to config my network to reroute Internet bound traffic over my MPLS network in the event one of the three locations looses it Internet connectivity thus leveraging our MPLS network.  The wrench in the works is the ASA.  It is clouding my perseption of the way to do this:

San Fran:

                    LAN -->3750-->ASA-->2911-->Internet



                               MPLS Provider

                                  |                |   

                                  |                |

                                  |  LA LAN-->3750-->ASA-->2911-->Internet



Pittsburgh     LAN-->3750-->ASA-->2911-->Internet

So each office has the same set up of hardware.  The LAN users all connect to the 3750 the 3750 connects out to the MPLS provider for interoffice traffic and to the ASA for Internet traffic which intern connects to the 2911 WAN router.  The trick is to figure out how to tell the 3750 that the connection out to the Internet is dead and route all traffic over the MPLS network which I should then be able to route out to one of the offices with a working Internet feed.  Right now the network is completely statically routed.  Any suggestions on where to start?



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