spa112 voice module is not ready

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Aug 17th, 2012
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What can cause the "voice module is not ready" message in the spa112?  I keep getting that on multiple spa112's while provisioning them.  We are provisioning via TFTP and upgrading the firmware to 1.2.1 as part of the config.  I have 2 files being downloaded, a general config for every device then a mac specific one with the two phone numbers.  What I am seeing is the two files are being downloaded but the 112 still shows the old firmware.

They often sit in this state for an hour or more before we reboot them.  After multiple reboots they will finally grab the firmware but sometimes still stay in this state.

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Patrick Born Mon, 08/20/2012 - 08:55
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Hi Sage,

Downloading the files is no guarantee that the files will be loaded into the device. If there is a syntax error in the file, the offending syntax is ignored.

Make sure that you're using the current sample syntax from the 1.2.1 SPC.

The "Voice Module is not Ready" message is displayed in the device's web-user interface when the device has been restarted and is still busy with the start-up process. Once the voice related daemons have started, the voice-related web-ui components can be navigated to. This process can take around 90 seconds after power is applied.

If you're seeing longer times as indicated in your post, please do the following:

  1. configure debug level 3 on the device [this will also produce output if the configuration file is bad]

  2. start a Wireshark trace

  3. replicate the problem

  4. Send to me at paborn at cisco for analysis




Sage Major Mon, 08/20/2012 - 09:09
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I will try those steps next time I see the issue.  On the ones I was seeing it I was getting times much more than 90 seconds, several hours infact

The config I am using is based on the 1.1 syntax.

Are you suggesting I do the following

have spa112.cfg only have a the following


and then have

tftp:// be my main config?

Also I do often use the debug to confirm that my file is being applied.  So I can see its being downloaded to the device, and that provisioning is being accepted

Is there a way make the spa112 not do anything until it has upgraded the firmware?  What I see currently is that it gets its full config, both profile_rule and profile_rule_a sets its config, then updates firmware to 1.1.0  I want every one to do firmwre first and check to see if the firmware is at 1.1.0 before it downloads the config.


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