anchoudh Wed, 12/12/2012 - 18:55
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Hi Rehan,

Computer Telephony Integration:

Cisco  Unified Contact Center Express can integrate with any CRM or other  application that can run on the agent's Microsoft Windows desktop.  Integration is achieved by using a powerful real-time programmable CTI  workflow engine that invokes keystroke-macro emulation to automate the  transfer of caller-entered information, or performing an external  application action. Cisco Unified Contact Center Express provides  powerful integration tools through support for custom Java classes and  methods that can be invoked under real-time workflow control. These  features facilitate the integration of Cisco Agent Desktop with other  Windows and web-based applications with minimal software development.

In  addition, Cisco Unified Contact Center Express Premium allows you to  apply HTTP integration to provide integration and a screen pop with  browser-based applications such as running in the Cisco  Agent Desktop embedded browser.

Finally,  Cisco Unified Contact Center Express third-party CTI protocol provides  for deep integration with ACD and IVR subsystems for traditional custom  CTI integrations.


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rehan_uet Wed, 12/12/2012 - 22:32
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Thanks for your response, the CRM application is not web based. It is built in VB with backend database of FoxPro and a client application is installed on desktop to access it.

I there any integrated tool available in UCCX which can help us to achieve this CTI integration or if you could refer a document which can help us for such integration. Actually we have to pop up the customer information based on the CLI (Calling party number) and this information is available in CRM and as per vendor of the CRM it supports TAPI.


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