Upgrade WCS 7.0 to PI 1.2 via NCS 1.1

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Feb 19th, 2013

Hello all,

we have started to do the upgrade from WCS 7.0 to PI12. In order to do that we first need to upgrade to NCS 1.1. We have ordered the following from Cisco:

R-W-PI12-M-K9WCS 7.0 to Cisco Prime   Infrastructure 1.2 MigrationN/A14 daysNoN/A11.995,00  1.995,00  01.995,00 
R-PI12-BASE-K9Prime Infrastructure 1.2 Base   License and SoftwareN/A14 daysYesN/A10,00  0,00  00,00 
L-PI12-LF-500-LICPrime Infrastructure 1.2 -   Lifecycle - 500 Device Lic PAKN/A14 daysYesN/A10,00  0,00  00,00 
L-PILMS42-500-MPrime Infrastructure LMS 4.2 -   500 Device Upgrade LicN/A14 daysYesN/A10,00  0,00  00,00 
L-PI12-LF-100-LICPrime Infrastructure 1.2 -   Lifecycle - 100 Device Lic PAKN/A14 daysYesN/A30,00  0,00  00,00 
L-PILMS42-100-MPrime Infrastructure LMS 4.2 -   100 Device Upgrade LicN/A14 daysYesN/A30,00  0,00  00,00 
L-W-PI12-500-MWCS to Prime Infrastructure 1.2   Migration 500 DeviceN/A14 daysNoN/A10,00  0,00  00,00 
L-W-PI12-100-MWCS to Prime Infrastructure 1.2   Migration 100 DeviceN/A14 daysNoN/A30,00  0,00  00,00 

I have done the upload of the XML File from our WCS 7.0 installation to get the License File. But on the NCS 1.1 installation the following License is needed first (Cisco Prime Network Control System 1.1 Config Guide):

NoteBefore adding the licenses that are migrated from your WCS installation, apply the L-WCS-NCS1-M-K9 license. The licenses migrated from WCS are generated as “ADD” licenses, and you cannot apply them unless you apply the L-WCS-NCS1-M-K9 license.

L-WCS-NCS1-M-K9 is the Product Number to do the upgrade from WCS 7.0 to NCS 1.0, R-WCS-PI11-M-K9 is the product number to dothe upgrade from WCS 7.0 to NCS/PI 1.1.

If I try to install just the License File I get from Cisco using the XML file from our WCS 7.0 installation, I get the error "Unable to add any license without an NCS (L-NCS-1.0-K9) license.".

But how do a get this license if I ordered R-W-PI12-M-K9 (WCS 7.0 to PI1.2 Upgrade License)? What is the step to get the right License?

Many thanks in advance for any help on that issue.

Best regards,


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Scott Fella Tue, 02/19/2013 - 13:28

When I have upgraded from WCS to NCS 1.0, then you have to export the license and enter the XML when generating the NCS license. When going from WCS to NCS 1.1, you don't do that anymore. You should of received licenses that you already had on WCS. Your suppose to have the exact same count. Like if you had a 50 and two 100 ap license you should have one 50 and two 100 license. You need to install the base NCS license then your AP count license. This is the same for Prime.

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HANS VASTERS Tue, 02/19/2013 - 14:51

Hello Scott,

many thanks for your reply. But the problem is that I received Prime Infrastructure 1.2 Licenses. And I cannot install them on the NCS Appliance running NCS 1.1. They are not recognized by NCS 1.1. I get always errors like "PI Feature unknown".

Do you know or has anyone else tried a direct upgrade from WCS 7.0 to PI 1.2 like it is described under the following link


My problem is that the WCS Version we are using ( is not listed in this document.

wireless wlc Fri, 02/22/2013 - 03:01

hi Hans,

  Did you manage to upgrade from WCS to PI12 directly using the WCS to PRIme upgrade SKU ? or is there an intermediate path to NCS1.1 required ? I am also facing same issue and not sure what to propose to my customer. If i should buy both wcs to ncs upgrade SKU as well as WCS to PI12 SKU ?



Scott Fella Fri, 02/22/2013 - 06:01

It is a requirement to upgrade to NCS 1.0 or 1.1. The release notes for PI states that you can't upgrade directly if you are importing data from WCS.

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HANS VASTERS Fri, 02/22/2013 - 06:03

Hello Joe,

no. The information in the deployment Guide (the link i proveded before) is wrong.

You still need to follow the upgrade path WCS 7.0 -> NCS 1.1 (here you have to use for example, because cannot be upgraded to PI 1.2), then you can upgrade NCS 1.1 to PI 1.2 (if you upgraded the WCS to NCS you need to install a patch ncs_patch-, for other 1.1 releases you need a different patch).

The major problem was the licensing. Because with the order of the Upgrade Licenses from WCS 7.0 to PI 1.2 I got "normal licenses", for PI 1.2, a Base License and Lifecycle Licenses (the number of Lifecycle Licenses matches the number from the order).

Because we ordered the WCS 7.0 to PI 1.2 Upgrade Licenses I also ordered the NCS Appliance with the PI 1.2 (before I thought a direct upgrade from WCS 7.0 to PI 1.2 should be possibel, why not, if you can order the licenses with the description Upgrade License WCS 7.0 to PI 1.2 :-)). So I had to downgrade the NCS Appliance to NCS 1.1. After the downgrade the NCS Appliance came up without any licenses. So the major porblem was that I could not use the PI 1.2 licenses (they are not installable on NCS 1.1). So I got a demo/temporary license from Cisco for NCS 1.1 to do just the migration. After the final upgrade to PI 1.2 I installed the base and the lifecycle licenses and now everything is fine.

Best regards,


wireless wlc Fri, 02/22/2013 - 13:21

Thanks for the details Hans. Thats really stupid of Cisco to come up with something like that ! I mean, why all the hassle when we somehow convince customers to move from WCS to PI12 ! . So i need to get demo licenses of NCS1.1 for ALL my customers who want to migrate to PI12 ? ... I cant imagine the overhead for all those 100's of customers if this is the case... 

Also one more question : One of my customer has two WCS (one with 400 AP and other with 300 AP base licenses). Now to migrate to ONE PI12, can i just order 500 + 200 (total 700) license upgrade SKU for WCS to PI12 ? or should i match exactly like how it was on WCS without being able to select the total count as the reference ?



Scott Fella Tue, 02/19/2013 - 14:57

I understand. The PI license that you need is the WCS to PI migration. That is what you need to upload to NCS to get it going or else you can use a temp license and then do an import and then upgrade to PI

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wireless wlc Fri, 02/22/2013 - 13:30


   Hans just mentioned that the WCS to PI12 migration SKU will NOT work on NCS1.1, right ? So anyway we are going to require a demo/temporary license for NCS1.1 anyway ? which i guess Cisco might provide for one or two cases ,but if there are too many customers who want to migrate and the service has to be done through a Partner like us. IN this case i believe Cisco should mandatorily make a NCS1.1 demo license also freely provided along with the WCS - PI12 migration SKU ?



HANS VASTERS Sat, 02/23/2013 - 01:25

Hello Joe, hello Scott,

I think the major problem with the licenses on NCS 1.1 is the fact, that we ordered the NCS Appliance with the PI 1.2 SW running on it. So I had to reinstall them with NCS When you do the reinstallation (by the way, you have to contact the TAC to get the NCS 1.1 image, it is not available on CCO for download) there will be no license on the reinstalled system. And so you we needed the demo license. If you order an NCS Appliance running NCS 1.1 you should not have this problem.

A workaround/solution for our problem can be not to do an inline upgarde, but to do an upgrade using a backup from a NCS 1.1 installation. Because then you can use a VMWare NCS 1.1 with a demo license to migrate your data from WCS 7.0 to NCS 1.1.

Scott Fella Sat, 02/23/2013 - 08:24

Yes you are right, since you have an appliance... you could always open a tac case with license and get an updated license.  I was thinking that you wanted to migrate your data from NCS, which you would have to install NCS first.  At least you got it working.



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wireless wlc Sun, 02/24/2013 - 01:11

hi Hans,

  Thanks for the good inputs. Please let me know if the below steps would be fine :

1. Order the WCS to PI12 upgrade SKU

2. Order the Prime APpliance with NCS1.1 software version (instead of PI12 software)

3. Get a demo license for NCS1.1 and migrate from WCS to NCS1.1

4. Upgrade NCS1.1 to PI12 software

5. Add the WCS to PI12 upgrade license on PI12.

whew ! will this work ? 



HANS VASTERS Sun, 02/24/2013 - 09:35

Hi Joe,

as Scott explained you no onger need the Upgrade License, which is created via the XML FIle upload at Cisco. From my point of view it will worl as folloes.

  1. Order the WCS to PI1.2 Upgrade SKU
  2. Order the Prime Appliance running NCS 1.1 (this should comes with a Demo License)
  3. Migrate you config from WCS 7.0 to NCS 1.1
  4. Upgrade WCS 1.1 to PI1.2
  5. Install the licenses using the SKUs you got from Cisco

Best regards,


HANS VASTERS Mon, 02/25/2013 - 05:11

Hello Joe,

I could not yet verify if the NCS Appliance running NCS 1.1 really comes with a demo license. So in case the NCS 1.1 does not have a demo license you need to get one from Cisco.

But I will check this soon as I get an NCS Appliance running NCS 1.1 soon.

But is is a fact if you reinstall the NCS Appliance with NCS 1.1 (for example if your ordered it with PI1.2) there will be no demo license.

Best regards,


Scott Fella Fri, 02/22/2013 - 21:15

Okay so here is the thing. They have a migration sku for WCS to what ever was newer. NCS 1.0, NCS 1.1, PI 1.2 and PI 1.3. Only in WCS to NCS 1.0 do you have to export your WCS license and provide that to get your migration license. Now the WCS to whatever license will always give you 25 free. So when you go from WCS to NCS 1.1 or newer (PI), they partner will provide you with the exact license you have on your WCS. If you had 2 50 AP, 4 100 AP license, you should get a pak file for that same amount. So in the end, you will have exactly what you have in WCS plus 25, which is the free license they give you.

Now you have to install NCS 1.0 or NCS 1.1 so you can import your data. After you upgrade, you can then upgrade to PI 1.2 and them upgrade again to PI 1.3. There is no upgrade from NCS to PI 1.3 so that is why you have to upgrade to PI 1.2 first. Each upgrade requires you to patch the pervious version first.

All license once on NCS will stay and only really the WCS to NCS that you have to worry about a license.

I just did an upgrade from WCS to NCS to PI 1.2 then to PI 1.3.

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