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OSPF ABR not passing LSA type 5

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Is there a some sort of OSPF rule that will not allow LSA type 5 link state to cross a non area 0 link between two ABR routers?

I have two devices that are in parallel. The site is a tail site off a MPLS leg. The MPLS router is redistributing BGP into OSPF. The two parallel WAN circuits are in OSPF area 0.The two remote devices connect together in AREA 3 See below. The two remote routers see all the external routes being advertised by the ASBR. The problem is the router with the higher link cost still prefers to use its link instead on the router with the lower cost link



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paul driver Tue, 12/10/2013 - 07:26
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To add to Fischer suggestion, can you change the opsf area  3 to area 0 ?



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Rolf Fischer Mon, 12/09/2013 - 22:35
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Hi Jeff,

the ABR on the left has two possible ways to reach the ASBR: Intra-Area through the Backbone (with higher cost) and Inter-Area through Area 3 (with lower cost). The default OSPF path-selection rule always preferes Intra-Area over Inter-Area, regardless of the costs. You would have to add an Area 0 link between the ABRs to change the path to the ABR ASBR [edited, typo].

Don't hesitate to ask for further details.




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