Cisco CUCM 9.1-2 LDAP integration question

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Apr 8th, 2014
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I will keep as brief as possible:  CUCM cluster was integrated to LDAP Directory using EMPLOYEE ID field as the key field.  Moving to deploy JABBER and needed to move to SAMAcctName integration to make work.  Cluster users use Extension Mobility across the board, no assigned phones, so EM profiles very important to maintain.  Worked with TAC extensively and tried their suggestions, resulted in finding a bug that would not let us bulk import end users in batches larger than 49 (@ 3000 end users, was not fun).

Changed all LDAP synched users to LOCAL accounts and deleted existing LDAP integration.  All accounts we make local remain local, all other accounts (from other regions) now INACTIVE ready for garbage collection.  Once garbage collection done we will be remaking the LDAP integration using the SAMAcctName as the key field.

What i need to know; when i do this, is the new LDAP integration going to recognize the UNIQUE IDENTIFIER field in the END USER EXPORT and change that end user and all associations to the SAMAcctName account on the new synch?  Ive noted that any users who are created as LOCAL from the beginning do not have a UNIQUE IDENTIFIER, only those that were LDAP at one time even if made local now.

Screen capture below top shows a user account made local manually after previously being synched with EMPLOYEE ID, bottom shows that same user in another CUCM cluster that is using SAMAcctName integration.  What i have been told by one TAC engineer is that the system will use this UNIQUE ID and merge the local acct with the LDAP synch SAMAcct name even though the user id currently is numeric.  A second engineer told me that the two accounts would remain seperate (one Numeric ID, one SAMAcctName ID).  However it works does not matter to me i just have to communicate to end users if there will be a change.  @ 2500 users log in and out every day.  I cannot find any documentation outlining the unique identifier field or its purpose.


Any help appreciated

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