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ACE 4710 Setup

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Oct 12th, 2014
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Dear All,


I have task to add two servers to work with ACE 4710 , the client is coming from internal network and the end host (our servers).

I don,t know how to connect it physically and do the configuration.

Thanks a lot in advance .

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Fnu Kanwaljeet Singh Sun, 10/12/2014 - 07:16
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Below is basic configuration example with three real servers and Source NAT.

Let's say you have three servers:

rserver host SERVER_01
  ip address
rserver host SERVER_02
  ip address
rserver host SERVER_03
  ip address

You add them in serverfarm

serverfarm host REAL_SERVERS
  rserver SERVER_01
  rserver SERVER_02
  rserver SERVER_03

After that you configure the VIP and condition. Here any means any protocol and port

class-map match-all VIP-30
  2 match virtual-address any

YOu define the L7 policy map

policy-map type loadbalance first-match SLB_LOGIC
  class class-default
    serverfarm REAL_SERVERS--------->Serverfarm to which traffic would be loadbalanced.

policy-map multi-match CLIENT_VIPS---->L3 policy map.
  class VIP-30
    loadbalance vip inservice
    loadbalance policy SLB_LOGIC
    nat dynamic 1 vlan 451----------------->You need to apply the NAT when your client is in same subnet as server so that return traffic comes back to ACE and not to client directly or when your servers default GW is not ACE.

interface vlan 251
  description Client vlan------------------->VIP is in this subnet
  ip address
  access-group input ANYONE
  service-policy input REMOTE_MGT
  service-policy input CLIENT_VIPS
  no shutdown
interface vlan 451--------------->Server side subnet
  description Servers vlan
  ip address
  nat-pool 1 netmask pat---->Nat pool defined. It should always be on server side vlan.
  no shutdown

ip route

I would also suggest going through the below for basic troubleshooting and understanding.


Basic loadbalancing using routed mode:


And if you have any questions, please put them here and we will be glad to help.



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