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Apr 10th, 2016
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Hi All,


  I have installed Live data for version 11 and done the post installation steps as well , But I could not able to open live data web page .below are the post installation configurations.

Please help me to solve this issues . I followed the below link but it was not clear .





CUIC : Primary / Member  completed and we were able to get the cuic reports

Live data : Primary /Secondary node completed , but we are not able to open the page


admin:set live-data aw-access primary 10.10.x.x 1433 test_awdb sa Password


Primary AW access information:


 address      | port | db_name    | user


 10.10.x.x | 1433 | test_awdb |   sa


Test: Succeeded




admin:set live-data aw-access primary 10.20.x.x 1433 test_awdb sa Password


Primary AW access information:


 address      | port | db_name    | user


 10.20.x.x | 1433 | test_awdb |   sa


Test: Succeeded

Executed command successfully



admin:set live-data machine-services [email protected] Password

  ucceld01.ucce.com: side A

        | ACTIVE_MQ               | 61616 |                                  |

        | STORM_DRPC              |  3772 |                                  |

        | LIVE_DATA_WEB_SOCKETS   | 12008 |                                  |

        | LIVE_DATA_API           | 12005 | livedata                         |

        | LIVE_DATA_CASSANDRA     | 12000 |                                  |

  uCCELD02.ucce.com: side B

        | ACTIVE_MQ               | 61616 |                                  |

        | STORM_DRPC              |  3772 |                                  |

        | LIVE_DATA_WEB_SOCKETS   | 12008 |                                  |

        | LIVE_DATA_API           | 12005 | livedata                         |

        | LIVE_DATA_CASSANDRA     | 12000 |                                  |





admin:show live-data cuic-datasource uccecuic02.ucce.com 8444 CUIC\administrator password



admin:show live-data cuic-datasource uccecuic01.ucce.com 8444 CUIC\administrator password



 Thanks & Regards,

S. Ramamoorthy 


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Sasikumar Divvela Sun, 04/10/2016 - 22:41
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  • Cisco Employee,

you cannot open the live data webpage , you have to use CUIC page to see whether the datasources are configured properly in CUIC or not. For remaining everything (like collecting logs)you need to use RTMT or live data CLI . 

Ramamoorthy Sha... Wed, 04/13/2016 - 05:51
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Hi Sasi,

Thanks for your response , you mean i need to create data source for Live data in CUIC .

Right now I have created only for CUIC/AWD-HDS/socialminer /CVP Reporting .


If  yes please let me know the database type and more options .

Thanks & Regards,

S. Ramamoorthy.

Sasikumar Divvela Wed, 04/13/2016 - 06:01
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  • Cisco Employee,

You don't need to configure in CUIC . it will come automatically when you executed the below command in live data

set live-data cuic-datasource cuic-addr cuic-port cuic-user cuic-pwd



Ramamoorthy Sha... Wed, 04/13/2016 - 06:31
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Hi Sasi ,

  Thanks for your help, I got the answer – Last time instant of giving set live-data cuic-datasource I was given show live-data cuic-datasource ccecuic01.ucc.com 8444 CUIC\administrator Password

Please find the above logs . I will try to deploy the same.

Ramamoorthy Sha... Mon, 04/18/2016 - 07:26
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Hi Sasi,


 Please find attached snapshot , I have added CUIC set data source . After added primary Live data connection is success but secondary is showing down.


Also  I am not able to get Live data reports . while executing I am getting error as “Live Data is not available after repeated attempts.”  Please help me to resolve this issues .


Thanks & Regards,

  1. Ramamoorthy
vinasha01 Fri, 03/17/2017 - 10:44
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Hello Ramamoorthy,

Are you able to fix this issue ?? if yes please let me know the fix. i have tried to set data source for live data in CUIC but i saw live data source populated to cuic but not showing connected.



Verify that the TIP and TIP TOS (Test Other Side) ports on Router and PG have established a connection to the Live Data servers. The TIP TOS port will be connected to both LD servers; the TIP port will be connected to only 1 LD server but will failover to the other if you call (for example) "utils service stop CCE Live Data Web Service" on the one it is connected to.

On Router A:

netstat -a -n | findstr 40034
netstat -a -n | findstr 40035

On Router B

netstat -a -n | findstr 42034
netstat -a -n | findstr 42035


netstat -a -n | findstr 41034
netstat -a -n | findstr 41035


netstat -a -n | findstr 43034
netstat -a -n | findstr 43035


Muhammad Fahad Raza Wed, 04/19/2017 - 05:20
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Hi Geoff,

We have 2 CUIC servers and 2 separate live data servers and I am getting the similar error while trying to execute the following command:

set live-data cuic-datasource 
Error: Invalid side A Live Data configuration data

Deployment type is set to 12000 Agent Router/logger.

Am I missing something?

Kindly help.




Just checking that you understand the difference between how it works with a coresident CUIC/LD and separated servers like you have. In the coresident model, the entries in the Machine_Service table for LD are made automatically - but you have to call

set live-data machine-services awdb-user awdb-pwd

When you have done that you should run a SQL query to double check. This is what the LD server does when you try to enable the CUIC data source in a non-coresident setup such as yours.

from Machine_Service AS ms 
left outer join Machine_Address AS ma on (ms.MachineAddressID=ma.MachineAddressID)

It's going to look in there for the Live Data services.


Muhammad Fahad Raza Wed, 04/19/2017 - 09:04
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Hi Geoff,

Thank you for prompt response.

Yes I do understand the difference and it is more clear after your response :)

This command "set live-data machine-services awdb-user awdb-pwd" is not working either. It says "Error: failed to update Machine Service table: invalid deployment type or unauthorized access"

I am able to access CUIC webpage with this super user.



Muhammad Fahad Raza Mon, 04/24/2017 - 03:20
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Live data store is now configured in CUIC automatically and both are showing disconnected.

Below is the status:

admin:show live-data failover
# Failover settings..
Cluster failover enabled: true
Cluster ID: A
Remote side addr: not applicable for the publisher in auto-config
Auto config enabled: true

# AW DB Access Configuration Status
AW database is configured.

# ActiveMQ NetBridge..

# Cluster state..
UNAVAILABLE (application not running)

Can you tell me where I can find and need to configure the tip.properties file.


There are no "tip.properties" files - the TIP ports are configured in the registry of the Router and the PG during install. When the Router or PG start up, you can see in the trace files how they use these ports to establish listeners waiting for the Live Data servers to connect. They also rebuild the Machine_Service table if the rows have been removed, then this table is replicated to the AWDB and pulled down by the Live Data server so that it knows which servers and which ports to use to make the connections.

The deployment shown in CCE Admin must be correct. Not only should you see no red lights, you must see the version number in each row on the right hand side.

CCE Admin - Deployment shows some of the data in the Machine_Service, Machine_Address, Machine_Host tables. But you can query these yourself in SSMS to get the complete details. I have posted a suitable query before on CCO that joins the Service table to the other tables. Maybe dig that out.

The Live Data server also connects to the AWDB and writes to this table - it is mentioned in the Guide that the SQL user that you configured in LD for access to the AWDB must be a dbwriter. Hope you did that.

If the Machine_Service table looks to be complete, and if netstat on the Router (side A and side B) and all the PGs (side A and side B) show established connections to LD, and yet in CUIC the streaming data sources will not come into "on-line" status, then use RTMT to pull the Intelligence Center logs.

Search in Notepad++ for the streaming data source and see if you can find an error message. Look for "StreamingConnectionPoolManager". If you see something like "The realm denies access for the provided user-credentials" you may have to run the commands again.

If "show live-data machine services" is correct, then do "show live-data cuic-datasource". Even if this is appears correct, run "set live-data cuic-datasource" again. It will spit out the same data as "show" did, but  then a refresh on the Data Sources in CUIC should show them on line.

This has been my experience with a coresident CUIC/LD.

I don't have any experience with the split CUIC - LD model, but there are a lot of similarities. The main difference being you don't have to run "set live-data machine services" on a coresident deployment because it can pull all the info it needs from the AWDB.

This is not easy - sometimes it works right out of the gate, and you wonder why people complain about it. Sometimes it does not work and you really have to fiddle around.



Muhammad Fahad Raza Tue, 04/25/2017 - 03:48
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Thank you for detailed description.

I followed the same steps and rerun the commands but the result is same. However found this in cuic worker logs:

Spout: %[descr=][server_id=5000]: Spout Connected Successfully to Zookeeper
2017-04-25 11:15:04,685 - INFO [Curator-ConnectionStateManager-0:[email protected]] - 0000000003: Apr 25 2017 11:15:04.685 +0100: %CCBU__DETAILEDTRACE-6-DetailTrace: %[descr=Reset all hash tables]: Generic context
2017-04-25 11:15:04,692 - INFO [Thread-123-spout10:[email protected]] - 0000000096: Apr 25 2017 11:15:04.690 +0100: %CCBU_DATAPROCESSING-6-Live Data Cluster: Cluster Publisher started successfully
2017-04-25 11:15:04,717 - INFO [Thread-123-spout10:[email protected]] - 0000000003: Apr 25 2017 11:15:04.716 +0100: %CCBU__COMMUNICATION-4-TOSClient: %[message_error=Failed creating TOS connection. Server Address incorrectly specified: RTR-01][server_address=A(RTR-01:41035)]: Warning in TOS Client
2017-04-25 11:15:04,718 - INFO [Curator-ConnectionStateManager-0:[email protected]] - 0000000098: Apr 25 2017 11:15:04.717 +0100: %CCBU_DATAPROCESSING-6-Storm Spout: %[server_address=localhost:16702][server_id=5000][state=enabled]: Spout JMX enablement state
2017-04-25 11:15:04,720 - INFO [Thread-123-spout10:[email protected]] - 0000000004: Apr 25 2017 11:15:04.719 +0100: %CCBU__COMMUNICATION-4-TOSClient: %[message_error=Failed creating TOS connection. Server Address incorrectly specified: RTR-01][server_address=A(BKRTR-01:40035)]: Warning in TOS Client
2017-04-25 11:15:04,724 - INFO [Thread-123-spout10:[email protected]] - 0000000005: Apr 25 2017 11:15:04.724 +0100: %CCBU__COMMUNICATION-4-TOSClient: %[message_error=Failed creating TOS connection. Server Address incorrectly specified: pg1a-01][server_address=A(pg1a-01:42035)]: Warning in TOS Client


You are on the right track now. Look what I wrote above about using netstat on Router A and B, and PG A and B to see the TIP and TIP TOS connections. You must see the connections.

Like this - Router A.

You can see that the TIP port (defined in the registry) is established to just one LD server but the TIP TOS (also in the registry) is established to both. Test Other Side. So if the TIP connection to LD side A is lost, it can immediately connect to LD side B.

I made another post on this topic that explains problems that can occur if the Windows servers have a different DNS suffix to the LD servers. If this happens, the LD server cannot resolve the name and connect.

When you ran Web Setup (Router) or PG setup, the name you used for the public connection at that side (A or B) is inserted into the TIP section of the registry. Look and you will see. I prefer to change the registry and insert the IP address - I had to for the above setup because Windows and UCOS boxes have totally different DNS suffixes.

It looks from the trace above that you have very funny names in the registry: RTR-01, BKRTR-01, pg1a-01. LD has to be able to resolve these - no question about it.

Try using the IP address of the server and bouncing the Router / PG. This will re-establish the entry in the Machine_Services table on the Logger which will then get over to the AWDB. 

Do a SQL query on the AWDB and look. I told you this  previously. They will all be listed there with the IP address and the port. Are they all correct?

If so, restart the LD server and cross your fingers.


Muhammad Fahad Raza Wed, 04/26/2017 - 02:28
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Thank you so much Geoff.

We also had two domains, 1 for ICM servers and 2nd for CUIC servers due to which CUIC servers were unable to resolve the hostnames.

After configuring the same domain to CUIC servers. All came up automatically and live data reports are working fine.

Five star for your help again :)




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