Can't access Unity Express (CUE) from LAN

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Apr 19th, 2017
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I'm trying to deploy CUE 8.6 on a 2921 with a ISM-SRE-300-K9 module and CME 9.1

I can start a session to CUE and ping it from the router with no issues, but I can't reach it from LAN either via web or ping, I can ping the router's loopback IP with no problems.

When I traceroute from LAN it goes out the Internet interface since it's the default route even though I have configured a specific static route for the module, when I try the same traceroute to the router's IP it reached with no problem.

Current config: 

interface Loopback1
ip address


interface ISM0/0
 ip unnumbered Loopback1
 service-module ip address
 !Application: CUE Running on ISM
 service-module ip default-gateway


ip route ISM0/0


Trace to router from LAN:

traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets
1 gateway ( 4.947 ms 4.947 ms 5.077 ms
2 ( 0.691 ms * *

Trace to module from LAN:

traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets
1 gateway ( 2.263 ms 2.379 ms 2.594 ms
2 ( 2.642 ms 2.658 ms 2.715 ms ( 2.053 ms 2.136 ms 2.149 ms  <-- ISP Default GW

I have tried with ip unnumbered and also with explicit IP on the ism0/0 with the same results

I have also restored the module to factory settings with the same results.

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Brandon Buffin Thu, 04/20/2017 - 11:48
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Seems that does not have a route to Does it have a static route to Or does it have a route to


h.estigarribia Thu, 04/20/2017 - 14:09
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Yes as in my original post there's a static route 

ip route ISM0/0

also is my loopback

Loopback1 YES manual up up

from I can ping both addresses

Brandon Buffin Fri, 04/21/2017 - 06:10
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You can ping from from your trace route that this device is sending traffic for out its default gateway. Can you post the routing config from this device?


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