Expressway transform to simplify dial string for CMR requesting traversal license

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Having implemented CMR integration via Expressway, we're now trying to configure a transform on the Expressway-C as suggested in the 'Webex Meeting Center Video Conferencing Enterprise Deployment Guide (WB31) to 'Simplify the Dial String'.

The example given says 'For example, for a prefix of 7 use a regex pattern string of 7(\d{9})'.  This alone does not seem to work as the dial string coming from CUCM is 7(\d{9}), so I have configured a dial string 7(\d{9})@.* and this seems to have done the trick as I am no longer seeing 'Event="Search Completed" Reason="Not found"' in the event log.

However I am instead seeing the following;

tvcs: Event="Search Completed" Reason="Service Unavailable" Service="SIP" Src-alias-type="SIP" Src-alias="[email protected]" Dst-alias-type="SIP" Dst-alias="sip:[email protected]:5060" Call-serial-number="1339e388-dede-4a81-a6b0-9f9f75164efd" Tag="c49c65ec-b179-446c-849e-a45d47f398a5" Detail="found:false, searchtype:INVITE, Info:No License Available" Level="1" UTCTime="2017-05-19 13:38:10,741"
licensemanager: Level="INFO" Detail="License not granted" call_id="a5d58fb1-b2a0-41a6-823b-ded7df5f2496" lic_type="traversal" tokens=2 UTCTime="2017-05-19 13:38:10,739"

it appears to be wanting a traversal license.

The Expressways are X8.6.1 which shouldn't need any additional licenses for CMR integration, but do you need traversal licenses to do this?  Do later Expressway version resolve this?


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