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russrice Mon, 07/24/2000 - 17:49
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With the recent acquisition of Altiga and Compatible Systems, Cisco currently has 4 main head-end IPsec devices and 3 distinct clients. In the coming months you will see Cisco reducing the clients to a single offering that interoperates with all our head-ends.

The (Altiga) 3000 concentrator family supports the (Altiga) 3000 client. You can also use the IPsec client in Windows 2000, though you will not benefit from pushing policy dynamically.

The PIX supports the Cisco Secure VPN client v1.1 (OEM from IRE). In the upcoming PIX release v5.2 (due in August), it will also support the 3000 client.

IOS with IPsec support works with the Cisco Secure VPN client v1.1 as well as the Windows 2000 IPsec stack.

The (Compatible) 5000 gateways work with the Compatible client.

For enterprise environments, the main solution we suggest is based on the 3000, though some customers opt for terminating on a PIX or router instead. There are feature differences between each solution.

At this time Cisco does not officially support other third party clients.

iastong Tue, 08/22/2000 - 10:58
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I've got a pix with 5.1.2 on it and VPN setup and working for WIN95/98. The VPN client 1.1 doesn't install on a WIN2K pc. What can I do to get the WIN2K systems connected to our PIX using preshared keys for the VPN?


jsciandra Fri, 08/25/2000 - 08:10
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I have heard and not substantiated yet, that NAI's client will work with PIX. The NAI client does not use s-keys which means you need to subscribe to a Certificate of Authority. If anyone else finds out more info please post it as I am in the same boat.



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