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Nov 20th, 2000
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We have installed ViewMail for Microsoft Messaging v2.40 on 5 clients for testing. Each client uses Outlook 98 and either Windows 95 OSR2 or Windows 98 Second Edition. Our version of Exchange Server is 5.0 SP2. The Voice Mail server is a NEC NEAXMail AD-40. One of the clients (only one of the 5) has the problem that voice mail messages from 1-3 weeks old "reappear" or return to his inbox as new calls. When the message is first received, this user will type in the caller's name in the subject box and either leave the message in the Inbox or move it to another folder. When the call returns to the Inbox in Outlook 1-3 weeks later, the subject has been changed back to "unknown caller."<br><br>We have reformatted and reinstalled all applications on this workstation but the problem still occurs (just for this one user).<br><br>Thanks for any suggestions. <br><br><br>

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Anonymous (not verified) Mon, 11/20/2000 - 03:25
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Did you mean Exchange 5.5 SP2? Or are you really back on 5.0? I’m assuming you mean 5.5…

This doesn’t happen with any other types of messages such as emails or faxes or the like? I’ve never heard of anything like this…

So the old message that’s been moved to a different folder just suddenly reappears in the inbox on its own? It’s time stamp hasn’t been changed or anything (i.e. it’s still marked as arriving in your inbox 1 to 3 weeks ago)? Open one of these messages after they show up in the inbox again and hit “File | Properties”… check the “sent”, “received” and “Modified” times… what do they say? Was it modified recently? Do the sent and received times match the original sent and received times (i.e. 1 to 3 weeks ago) or does this look like a brand new message?

When you say it shows up as new, I assume you mean it’s in an unread state? I don’t suppose there’s any funky server site rules for this account that would have been impervious to your reinstalls? Is the folder they are moving the messages to on the server or on the local client machine? If they're local that would blow that theory out of the water...

This doesn’t ever happen unless they modify the “sender” field and save it?

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect
Active Voice
[email protected]

Anonymous (not verified) Wed, 11/22/2000 - 08:43
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We are using Exchange 5.0, not 5.5.

This "reappearance" only happens with voice mail calls; it has never happened with any other type of message. The time stamp is the original date of the message, not the date it reappears in the Inbox. It is displayed as an unread message (it is bolded) but the date is still the original date of the voice mail.

No server site rules are configured. The folder that the messages are moved to are located on the server, not the local drive. It doesn't matter whether the voice mail message is modified (i.e., subject changed to caller's name), they still return.

This same problem also happened with one user on the VAR's own system (the VAR who sold us and installed the system). They could not determine what was the problem on their system so they reformatted the user's workstation and reinstalled all apps. This worked for them but it has not worked for our user (I have already reformatted and reinstalled all apps).

Thanks for your response.

Anonymous (not verified) Wed, 11/29/2000 - 01:45
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I notice this post mentions the NEAX AD-40 as the product. Isn't that the NEC Repartee product? Isn't the AD120 the Unity product? Just making sure we're on the same page here.

Anonymous (not verified) Wed, 11/29/2000 - 02:57
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You're right... I just went back and read the post again... it's a question about VMM for Repartee, not VMO for Unity. The 2.4.0 version just coincientally happens to match since VMM has it's own versioning seperate from Repartee unlike VMO which uses the same version number as the Unity server it ships with.

I was wondering about the Exchange 5.0 thing...

So, short answer, "I don't know". The Repartee folks aren't out here moderating these forums, only Unity and Connection questions get handled here for the time being. You'll need to call our support folks and get hooked up with a Repartee engineer for help on this one.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect
Active Voice
[email protected]


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