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zhukov.a Fri, 01/19/2001 - 06:18
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I connect two Definity via two routers cisco2611 (1 serial, HDV-1E1-30)

dlittlewood Mon, 01/22/2001 - 02:23
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Thanks for the response.

Did you set up a CAS link of a CCS? I have succesfully set up a CAS link but I need to have CLI coming over the link as well.

CCS doesnt seem as straight forward as CAS.

Thanks again.

abellak Mon, 02/05/2001 - 23:48
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I'm not the telecom guy in our group, but I'll try to get him to through some info into this for you. We currently have 6 Definity systems (5 prologix, 1 g3) connected together via an IP/FR network. We have implemented 5 digit dialing, interoffice voicemail messaging, etc. I don't know exactly what the link is, but I'll see if he can help.

abellak Tue, 02/06/2001 - 06:49
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The Definity switches are connected to Pollable Storage Units that buffer the CDR data over a serial link. The PSUs are connected to Tektronics/Avaya MSS-100 IP Interface that connects to the PSU withy another serial cable. The CAS XP (Veramark/MOSCOM) software initiates an on-demand download to the PSU through the MSS-100 which supplies the IP connectivity. This is the official Avaya solution. I suppose you could connect the MSS-100 without the PSU and try to stream the CDR data but if you lose your WAN, you lose the data but are protected with a PSU. Let us know your thoughts! abellak's telecom guy


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