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Aug 12th, 2001
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Confused and looking for clarification/verification on fax and modem operation on DT24+, Cat.6000 24-port FXS module, VG200, AS5300 and/or 26xx or 36xx FXS/FXO/T1 gateways.

Several Cisco manuals contradict each other. What gateways support fax accross VoIP to PSTN and which do not?

Does anyone have any experince with fax/modem on VoIP with CallManager?

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Tom Dillon Sun, 08/12/2001 - 18:32
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We have Fax and Modems connected to Cat6K 6624 FXS module with no problems. We are running Callmanager 3.0(11).

junzang Wed, 08/29/2001 - 14:34
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CAT6513 with 6624 CM3.1, fax port set as fax-relay mode (1235). Also tried fax passing through (1236), can't receive from PSTN at all. with fax-relay, I Can send and receive fax for PCs between fxss, can send fax to pstn, can only receive part of contents from PSTN. A bug? What's your config. setting which works for 3.0(11) for your fxs ports?


dgoodwin Wed, 08/29/2001 - 19:30
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  • Cisco Employee,

Need more information. What is the gateway at the other end of the call? 6608? IOS H.323?

junzang Thu, 08/30/2001 - 00:05
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I have cat6513 with 6608 6624s, PRI (6608)to pstn, pri (6608) to Tandem switch and telecom switches of telecom sat. testbeds, 6624 to modem pool, to faxes, and to analog phone lines, pri(6608) to in-house VM with smdi, cal manager3.1 new release clusters.

Fax out from 6624 to PRI PSTN-no problem.

Fax out from 6624 to PRI Tandem switches side-no problem

fax out from 6624 to 6624- no problem

fax out and receive using PC fax from 6624 to 6624, from6624 to 6608, from 6624 to Tandem side-no problem.

Problem is I can not receive (partial contents with fax-relay)from 6624 side fax machine

fax machines used -bro. and can.s

I heard 3.0(10) no problems. a bug for 3.1? If you can run a cisco lab testing, and work around?

Cisco Bravo Proj. #7767999 cut off this Friday weekend. Brovo contact: Jun Zang 604-219-5988.


Jun (on site email: [email protected])

junzang Thu, 08/30/2001 - 01:10
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By the way, I have two (of 75 feature and function tests this telecom eng. firm run on this implementation)items pending, one is the 6624 fax receiving(Gatekeeper internet fax part haven't been tested-not urgent)above, the other item regards the field send out by CM, they don't want CM mask (b/c,they don't want user side marked label-untrusted), without mask, CM will send Individual DID (they also don't want expose individual number), they want CM send nothing, so Telco (network marked-trusted) will mask PRI trunk. CM3.1 supports this (send nothing)? This is not urgent, but pending. Any way and/or any thought?


junzang Sun, 09/02/2001 - 01:01
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tried different work around (TAC), received test pages by changing PRI's second 'Audio Signal Adjustment from IP network* ' to Minus4db.


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