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DSS V. RF Equipment

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cody.roche Wed, 08/15/2001 - 12:52
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I am asumming you mean DSSS (direct sequence spread spectrum). If so, DSSS is a TYPE of RF (Radio frequency) equipment, but then so are cell phones, pagers, and car radios.

DSSS is simply the transmission format and it is used by the Csico Aironet 340 and 350 hardware at 2.4Ghz. There is also a standard for FH (Frequency Hopping) that operates in this frequency range. They only interfere with eacch other a bit and can coexist, but they will operate and reduced levels of performance.

I hope this is at least somewhat what you were looking for. If not, a more detailed question might make the answer more focused.

cody.roche Wed, 08/15/2001 - 14:55
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What are the specific products? Is the Lucent HW the old WaveLAN HW? If so it is 2.4Ghz DSSS. The Cisco WT2700 series is 5.7Ghz VOFDM. These are not compatible wireless solutions. The WT2700 products can communicate only with the NM for the 2600 and 3600 routers (at least in the Cisco world).

I am not familiar with the Breezecom solution. If it is another 802.11b solution (Like the Aironet hardware) it is not compatible with the WT2700.

The High Gain reference is to the type of antennas, I assume. (Something more powerful than the typical 2 to 3 Dbi that ship with these products).


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