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Xfer to VM working intermittantly

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Aug 28th, 2001
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Here's my situation:<br>CM 3.0(9)<br>Unity 2.4 Build<br><br>Essentially my problem is this:<br>I have a Manager and an Assistant. Manager with a 2 line phone. Assistant with a 6 line phone (2 lines personal, 2 lines for Manager1, 2 lines for Manager2)<br>Assistant answers all calls and fwds caller to Manager or VM as appropriate.<br><br>Assistants (all of them) are having problems xfering calls into Managers VM (caller hears nothing). The steps taken by Assistant to xfer to email are:<br>1. Hit Transfer button<br>2. Hit Messages button<br>3. When VM answers, dial #<br>4. Dial Managers Ext.<br>5. Dial #, 2<br>6. Hit Transfer (immediately)<br><br>This works on occasion, it seems to be related to two things:<br>1. After hours (more errors reported)<br>2. Speed of Assistant entry<br><br>Any help would be greatly appreciated.<br>Alex<br><br>IS/IT Administrator<br>Maguire Partners<br>555 W. 5th St. Ste. 5000<br>Los Angeles CA 90013

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Anonymous (not verified) Wed, 08/29/2001 - 09:34
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Based on your description I would have to guess that they are pausing between the extension and the "#2". They should be entered as one continuous string of digits or there will be issues.

It makes sense that after hours would cause more problems in that scenario sine transfers are likely disabled and Unity ends up advancing to the greeting right away... the timing of the #2 would be a little tighter.

Make sure they enter the number as if it were a full extension number... i.e. dial 1189#2 as one number, don't dial 1189, pause, then dial #2. If you wait the pound will skip the greeting and then 2 would skip through the record sequence.

The caller shouldn't be just hearing silence in this case (i.e. it would time out and eventually come back and play something). if they are really hearing silence forever it sounds more like a transfer complete sequence issue of somesort and the caller is being left hanging in the switch.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
Cisco Systems
[email protected]
http://www.AnswerMonkey.net (new page for Unity support tools and scripts)

bhough Thu, 09/20/2001 - 05:07
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Hello Jeff,
I see that this is being asked alot.
The transfer sequence works, but, is there a timer that can
lengthen the time between ext. number and the "#2"?
Any noticeable delay and this fails for the customer.
Please advise, Thanks


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