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Caller ID Presentation Translation

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Oct 10th, 2001
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Have CCM 3.1.1 with 3600 Router as H.323 Gateway. BT present Caller ID on PRI interface without the leading 0 for STD access. E.G 012345.... comes in as 12345. We want to use the CLI to simply call back the original caller "Directory>Missed Call" sequence.

Translation Rule for incoming calls crahes the router with IOS 12.1(5)T

Any suggestions as to solution or alternate translation in CCM rather than the Router.


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j.ayres Wed, 10/10/2001 - 04:45
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Haven't tried this - but should work!

Set up a translation pattern to amend the Calling Party number and put it into its own partition. Set the Calling search space to enable the translation to call any internal number.

Set up a new CSS which only contains the partition of the new Translation pattern and apply this to the gateway.

Now when any call comes in it will only be able to hit the translation where the CLI will be amended before going through DA one more time to get the the appropriate extension.

Hope this helps,


rbewlay Wed, 10/10/2001 - 06:25
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Thanks Justin

But I get no change using this. Here's the setup:

Routers and Handsets are in no partition, so Translations should apply to all incoming calls.

I set it up as follows:

Translation Pattern: 7XXXXXXXXX

Calling party Transform Mask 07XXXXXXXXX


j.ayres Wed, 10/10/2001 - 07:54
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The translation pattern must be blank or match your extension range as this only looks at the Called number - I also suggest you use prefix digits and not a mask.

Even once you put the Translation pattern in place it will never be used because your extension numbers will always be more specfic and CM will route to those and not the pattern - this is why you must use partions and CSS to force the issue.


rbewlay Wed, 10/10/2001 - 15:09
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Thanks Justin,

We already translate the Called Party number from the BT 6 digit presentation to 4 successfully for incoming calls, but we want tho translate the Calling Party also on incoming calls. This only seems possible on CM for modifying the outgoing CLI , which is why I was attempting to do it at the Voice port on the router using the Translation Rule. But the router just hangs after 2 rules are entered and outgoing calls placed.

The Translation Rule on the router will not accept a wildcard, so you have to say someing like (maybe not quite right, I'm now out of the office):

Translation-Rule 1

Rule 0 7.% 07 any unknown

and apply to the voice port.

This works for mobiles but then to cover the rest of the UK you need to add the prefixes for 01 and 02.


rbewlay Thu, 10/11/2001 - 02:27
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All sorted thanks. Transforms of course are based on the called party number, but allow you to change/prefix the calling party as you recommended. So just added the prefix to the existing called party transform and all works.



Sascha Monteiro Fri, 10/12/2001 - 02:38
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Hi Justin,

This works great!

We had the same problem with a skinny gateway(c6k).

But this solution only works for national numbers, if the CLI is international there should be an extra prefix (here in Holland!) So I want another translation for international numbers...

Could that be possible?

thanx :-)


paul.harrison Sun, 10/14/2001 - 01:40
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Just a thought but why not translate the incoming number to 90xxxxxxxx that way user don't have to insert the 9 using edit dial.

Obviously this only applies if 9 is your outgoing access digit.


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