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Unable to access Internal sites from Internal

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Inside users can start connections and surf the web fine. However, they cannot access web server sites located internally. The internal sites can be accessed fine externally. DNS servers reside externally. It appears the internal sites resolve the site's internal address correctly, then die. Infact, a webserver cannot pull up it's own address or a site of a server next to it, but can hit any site outside. DNS issue?


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hiepnguyen Wed, 10/17/2001 - 14:19
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Yes this is a DNS issue. What you have to do is create a internal DNS server to serve your internal network to your websites located behind the firewall. Make usre you set your workstations with the internal DNS sever first then the external DNS. Hope this helps.

jscinocca Wed, 10/17/2001 - 14:31
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if you are using a PIX Firewall, just issue some alias commands, and your done....

jscinocca Thu, 10/18/2001 - 15:17
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alias (inside) "InT_IP" "Ext_IP"

Set the servers DNS address to a server on the outside. Do an nslookup and look what you see

The PIX does the work for you

rrbleeker Fri, 10/19/2001 - 07:48
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From a security point of view you should use the solution wiht 2 seperate DNS servers. This would comply with the 'Defense In-Depth' approach. Using a single DNS forces you to reveal more information that you should.


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