VLANs thru a 350 Access Point

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Oct 21st, 2001
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I'm considering use of 350 access points connected to Catalyst 4000 switches with a few Symbol phones & Call Manager. There may also be some (few) wireless PC cards also connecting thru the same APs. On my wired network, the phones, gateways, etc are on separate VLANs than the data devices. Is this possible using wireless APs? Do APs know anything about trunking or VLANs or is this strictly up to the switch port to which they are connected?

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tbanks Tue, 10/23/2001 - 00:54
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I tried this between a pair of 3524XL-PWR switches using the AP340s as a point to point link. The ports on the switches the AP were on were set to be trunk ports, as you would for a wired link and it appeared to work OK, as far as my rather quick LAB test showed.

The APs know nothing about trunking,

david.xu Thu, 05/02/2002 - 09:22
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Is that true?

I had that question too before. I did call Cisco Tac, but they confirm me that was not supported.Because the Vlan trunk frame is a little difference with normal ethernet frame, so the AP doesn't recogonize it ,and will drop it.

Actaully it is simmilar as you put a hub between a trunk line, the trunk doesn't work with that.

In theory , it is reasonable not to work with vlan trunk, but I didn't do any lab to test it.

Icarr , are you really sure it works? There is not any problem ?


jcarr Thu, 05/02/2002 - 20:19
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the AP350's connect to the primary VLAN and all the wireless clients are in that VLAN. It doesn't seem to know anything about trunks or aux VLANs. So, in my case, the Symbol phones and any other wireless clients (PCs etc) are all in the same VLAN. Not what I wanted, but that's how it seems to work for me.

blue.modal Tue, 05/07/2002 - 11:33
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There are 3rd party boxes, like Vernier and NetMotion that exist to fill the gap that you are faced with.

Matthew Wheeler

Blue Modal

pelms Thu, 05/09/2002 - 02:13
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The AP350 Access Point knows nothing about VLAN's or Trunking. When implementing a wireless infrastructure however you must put all the Access Points on the same VLAN (Layer 2). One of the main reasons is that there is layer 2 SNAP frames which are sent between Access Points forming part of the Inter Access Point protocol which allows seemless roaming to take place.


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