How do you add another outside ip network

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hvn Thu, 10/25/2001 - 08:57
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Hi there,

If yr 2621 have two ethernet ports u can allot the an ip from the new pool to the ethernet and route the packets to the respective devices in yr LAN.Just that yr ISP has to put a static route for the new set of ip's.

ip route s1(Serial port)

If u don't have two ethernet ports u can put the new set of ip's as secondary in the same ethernet port and rest as in the previous case.

gwoodyard Thu, 10/25/2001 - 20:20
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A 2621 has 2 Fast ethernet ports. If both are used then you can add the new subnet as a secondary ip address to one of the interfaces.


assume that is the original

Interface FastEthernet0/0

ip address

ip address secondary

configure a workstation with an address from the new range and as the default gateway.

If your router is configured to use NAT then you will need to create a new NAT pool or save the new subnet for Static NATS and Port overload (PAT) on the original.

Good luck!

Thank you for your reply - I had already done that and it didn't work -

Found out that it was the ISP. The ISP was routing to another of my locations.

This was the first time I was adding a non-continuous network to my router - was not given the usual detail sheet - need to apply the mantra "remain calm"...


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