Video freezes

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Oct 25th, 2001

Windows 98

IP/TV 3.0

When watching a video the video starts dropping frames on the client side. The symptoms are similar to a machine that cannot process the video fast enough. The machine more than meets specs though. 866proc/256ram. Any ideas?

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zabriskis Thu, 10/25/2001 - 09:32

Possibly the machine buffer is running out of packets. This can be caused by excessive lost packets and/or lattency on the network links. Is it on a WAN link? If so look at distributing the video (if on demand) out to the edge. IP/TV servers support that.

rimon.vallavanatt Thu, 10/25/2001 - 10:59

Its a gigabit network. The network side looks okay, PDU's lost is not excessive nor does it correspond to the jerky video. TAC engineer suggests it's a problem with the client.

johge Fri, 11/09/2001 - 19:56

I had the same issue and discovered, with the help of TAC, that I neede to lower my frame rate from 384 to 300 on my MCU service profile. My ISDN gateway folks had no problem with each other untill they hit the MCU then the "freezing" began.


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