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Problems with WS-6608-E1 and CM 3.1 ...

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Nov 5th, 2001
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Hi. We upgraded from CM 3.0(9) to CM 3.1.1 over the weekend and switched our Voice Gateway from a 3640 to the WS-6608-E1 blade on a Cat 6000. All seemed well on Friday night, however, Monday morning problems started popping up as calls in progress would immediately get dropped at random. Not even does it drop all calls in progress! Only certain calls. I read on the forum archives where Dave suggested to someone with a similar problem to register all ports with CM, even as MTP, so I did that. All ports now except for 1, which keeps saying "Port Host processor not online" are registered. I did this about 1 hour ago, but the problem is still popping up. The error we are receiving in the CM App Error log is:

Dchannel0 OS-D channel out of service


Explanation: Indicated D channel has gone out of service


we are also getting many phones that are producing a

"Device Unregistered / REason: 8 " message and somehow unregistering and re-registering themselves?

My clock setting on the Gateway is set to "Network".

Does anyone have any ideas or have experience with this problem? I would be extrememly appreciative as my boss is upset b/c his calls keep getting cut off!

thanks! - jason

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andyirving Mon, 11/05/2001 - 03:24
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If ports are not registered with CCM the Catalyst suffers from something known as known as "Cat Flap" where the ports will keep resetting. Registering all the ports with CCM (as you have done as MTPs) should resolve this.

If Port 1 is still unregistered the issue will remain. I would look at fixinf the issue with the port on the 6608.

v.kangin Mon, 11/05/2001 - 05:29
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thanks for the response! have you had experience with one port that seems absolutely "dead" ?? Whenever I try to disable the port (it is somehow enabled now??) or set it to DHCP, it gives me the "Port Host processor not online" error. If I restart the module will this help? I can't restart now b/c the PRI line is in production hours, but I can do it this evening. Could it be that this port is faulty? i.e. hardware problem? or does a reset usually fix this sort of thing? thanks in advance*

andyirving Mon, 11/05/2001 - 05:58
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The only time I have a processor show this response is if the DHCP scope on CCM is not big enough to provide addresses for all the ports. Is it showing DHCP enabled as yes and if so can you see it in the DHCP lease on CCM. If not try resetting it and failing that it could be a hardware fault.

dgoodwin Mon, 11/05/2001 - 12:24
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Another thing you may want to do is possibly reset the entire module after hours to see if that clears it up.

Which version of CatOS are you running on the Supervisor module?

v.kangin Tue, 11/06/2001 - 00:33
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dave - we are running 6.2(2) on the Sup1A. I will try the resetting of the entire module tonight. Actually, we stopped getting the D channel out of service error, however, the MTP ports unregistered and re-registered themselves late last night. is this normal behavior?

also, thanks for your help andy!

v.kangin Wed, 11/07/2001 - 02:56
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I reset the module, even pulled it out of the chassis, and still i get "Port host processor not online" on 1 port. But its also in "enabled" state dhcp'ing to vlan 1. I cannot disable, change vlan, etc, .. do anything with this port and I'm still getting a problem with the PRI line dropping all calls when I get the:

Dchannel0 OS-D channel out of service


Explanation: Indicated D channel has gone out of service

... message in the Error log. Also, the dhcp scope does have open address it can assign to this port. I can live with port 4 being dead as long as I don't get the D channel on the PRI dropping intermittently.

thanks again!

paul.harrison Wed, 11/07/2001 - 12:31
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I've had exactly the same problem with port one. you try to configure the port and it seams to 'die' and comes up with this host proc not on line message. I even tried swapping out the blade and got exactly the same problem.

Is the module in slot 8 perhaps? as I moved the "faulty" blade to slot 9 when I installed the replacement in slot 8 and it came up all ports working but the new blade in slot 8 had port one down. The same fault as before, and I even changed the chassis and SUPs and had the same fault!!!



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