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video & voice over frame network

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Nov 5th, 2001
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my customer has multisites connected via frame network. they currently pass compressed voice & data thru 3810's (same pvc).

they intend to add video conferencing.

i intend to use llq. should voice & video both be put into the priority queue? how much bw should be assigned if cir is 512k and video runs at 384k and voice is g729 ?



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sachon Mon, 11/05/2001 - 18:46
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separate llqs for voice and video are recommended. Cisco MCM software can be added to the 3810 to provide gatekeeper and QoS proxy function. Recommend setting IP Prec 4 for video and 5 for voice application.

video BW = app b/w + 10% overhead for IP + 5% overhead for frame. So you will need about 440k for video alone. Then add voice and data requirements. CIR value on frame should be set higher than the aggregate multimedia traffic expected at any given time.

rvincent Tue, 11/06/2001 - 07:23
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thanks for the info.

Can you explain or point me to a link that would explain how to set up seperate llq's for voice and video. I'm under the impression that only one pq is defined on an interface.


sachon Tue, 11/06/2001 - 13:14
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Version 12.2.5 mainline in the 3810 supports multiple priority q's. You can use IP Prec markings to push the approptiate traffic to the right q. The QoS Proxy in the MCM which can also be loaded on the 3810 can do the packet TOS fields for you.

rvincent Wed, 11/07/2001 - 09:31
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turns out that they are running VoFR, not VOIP over frame.

I'm applying a traffic shaping map class for the voice. Can I also apply a service policy for the video and if so, where is the service-policy command applied, under the voice map-class or dlci or sub-interface ?



What mechanism is used to tag the video traffic? I know with the Cisco IP phones for example, the actual phone will tag the traffic then on the routers you can classify this traffic. I'm not sure, however, how this would be done for video. I've the design guide, but it doesn't really touch on this that I can see.

sachon Tue, 11/13/2001 - 23:56
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video traffic can be tagged for IP precedence by using the QoS Proxy component of the Cisco MCM.


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