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ccie5851 Thu, 11/15/2001 - 10:07
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Does this happen only with a telnet session or does it happen when you are connected to the console port? Does the switch stop forwarding frames or just the user interface hangs?

s.sshapiro Thu, 11/15/2001 - 10:19
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It is happaning over telnet session. I can't check if it stops forwarding but I think it does because I can not ping it for the while

ccie5851 Thu, 11/15/2001 - 10:23
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Does the switch reload? Do you have console access where you can be connected to the console and telnet in to see if you see anything on the console? If you can get in on the console, do a show log to see if you see anything questionable.

Just to make sure I have this right, you can start a telnet session, log in, but after that, your session hangs? Are you using any AAA (TACACSS or RADIUS) on the switch? Are you on the same VLAN as the management interface of the switch? Maybe some weird routing issue is cropping up as a telnet hang.?!

s.sshapiro Thu, 11/15/2001 - 10:38
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I do not have console access, it is our remote office.

I can telnet, enter global config mode, save config, reload, but I can't set up spanning tree on ports and type any show commands ( "show log" too).

sluke Tue, 12/04/2001 - 14:38
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If you're fiddling with spanning tree, are you causing STP to re-compute? This could time out a telnet session, i.e. STP convergence will be 50 seconds by default, enough to time out a telnet sessions as the ports transitions from listening-learning-forwarding states.


milan.kulik Thu, 12/06/2001 - 03:56
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Try to upgrade the IOS. I've noticed the "freezing" 2950 problem recently with temporary not responding to Ping, upgraded to 12.0(5)WC2 and it works fine now.




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