Unity hunt groups?

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Nov 16th, 2001
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Is there any way in Unity to create hunt groups? <br><br>For example, in the opening greeting a customer presses 5 for Sales & then it hunts to 5 different phone extensions before going to a voicemailbox to record a voice message.<br><br>

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Anonymous (not verified) Fri, 11/16/2001 - 07:26
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You could string a chain of 5 Call Handlers that all supervise transfer to the phones in question. On the first 4 Call Handlers, you'd set them up with blank greetings, and the action after greeting would be to attempt transfer to the next Call Handler in the chain. The final Call Handler could take a message.

Callers will probably hear, "please wait while I transfer your call" in between Call Handler transfers and that could be confusing.

By no means is this a hunt group. Hunting is really controlled by the switch. This is just Unity doing chained transfers. Can the switch not do the hunting?

Steve Olivier
Software Engineer
Cisco Systems

kimberly Fri, 11/16/2001 - 07:41
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Call Manager can't really do chained hunts, like I described, as far as I know.

If anyone knows if there is a way to hunt through a few phones before going to voicemail in Call Manager, please let me know.

Anonymous (not verified) Fri, 11/16/2001 - 07:46
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I've done it with both CCM 3.0 and CCM 3.1. I created a Pilot Point for Web Attendant (even though I really was never using Web Attendant), and entered the DNs of my phones as hunt group members for the pilot point.

Steve Olivier
Software Engineer
Cisco Systems

kimberly Fri, 11/16/2001 - 09:01
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I know you can do it if you install & configure web attendant. We had web attendant & were using it for its reception capabilites but we took web attendant off because it never worked right for the receptionists. It got real screwed up. Even reinstalling it did not go right.

Thanks for the info. I appreciate it.

weejin.ong Thu, 10/03/2002 - 23:38
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Hi Kimberly,

You can use call manager for hunt groups. In the directory number config for the hunt group phones, you can specify the forward no answer, busy to the next phone in the chain. The last phone will need to be configured to fwd to the Unity voice mail port.

In the same page, you need to specify a common voice mail box number for all the phones. This will ensure that the mail gets into the common voice mail box for retrieval.. Hope this helps.


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