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bsivasub Thu, 11/22/2001 - 15:43
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EOBC is Ethernet out of band channel which is used for communication between line-cards and supervisor. In your case, it the communication between the MSFC and sup.

As I said earlier in your previous post, it usually is a bad hardware. If you seeing it on the slot16 then take the module out and see if the RED led on the sup in slot1 clears away. If it doesn't do a show test again and see what is failing.

If that clears away the red led, then you can either test the "slot 2 sup/msfC" in a different chassis on its own or the same chassis with it on its own. You can enable complete diagnostics to see if the module fail any futher tests.

set test diaglevel complete

and reset the system. If the problem doesn't clear away, you may have a bad hardware.

bsivasub Thu, 11/22/2001 - 15:49
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example of internal EOBC use when you session to the MSFC with "session 15 or 16"


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