Catalyst 5500 Cable Management

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I am using 11 of the 13 slots so the cat 5 and fiber is beginning to look like a web below the 5500 going into the floor. I was wondering if anyone could give me some examples of the types of cabling management they have used with this beast? Or can anybody recommend a website with some in-rack cable management options? Pictures would be greatly appriciated.

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Thanks, nice site. I had a idea today about possibly bringing the run cables into the back of the rack into an rj45 connector patch panel and then out the front out of a rj45 patch panel but i dont really want to punch another cable inbetween the backs of 2 patch panels, does anybody know if somebody makes a panel that has rj45 to rj45? Basically just like a regular patch panel but without having to punch down on the back.


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