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tepatel Mon, 02/11/2002 - 14:47
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You need to configure the dialer profile based on the callerID to terminate the calls which are originated from specific caller ID's. The main command you need to use is "dialer caller xxxxx". You can do a search on cco for that command or here is some more information for various way to implement the dialer profile


Hope this helps..Thx..Tejal

tepatel Mon, 02/11/2002 - 15:42
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In my previous reply i assumed that you want to do the call screening based on "Caller ID (CLID)".

Since title is "DNIS" i think you are looking for DNIS based..Now You can also do call screening based on DNIS (Dialed number)..For that you still need dialer profile but this time you need "dialer called xxxx" where xxxx should match with the dnis presented to the router in isdn q931 SETUP message when the call comes in.

For more info:


ISDN call will be terminated on one of the dialer interface where "called number" will match but for modem call over isdn pri line, you need to do modem pooling like the way in following url..




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